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Those of you sensible enough to subscribe to Singletrack or who preordered Issue 108 may already be feasting your eyes on Jason Miles’ account of the Rumble in the Jungle stage race in Sri Lanka. For those of you less sensible, or who have read it and want MORE, here’s the video to accompany the event.

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The sharp eyed among you will spot our Mr Miles in a few scenes, including one where the speaker happens to be talking about the competitors¬†from overseas ‘who are good at this’ finding the race ‘unexpectedly difficult’. Coincidence? Or did Jason look like he was suffering more than he lets on in his write up? Keep watching and you’ll also hear San Kapil talking about riding the race on his fat bike – as part of his training San regularly commutes to work past ST Towers on his fat bike. Actually, he goes past quite a lot of places – his commute being 50km. Making a fat bike a natural choice…?

Rumble in the Jungle 2
Jason looking fresh. At the start line we presume.

Watch right to the end and you’ll even be treated to footage of our Jason dancing. We are happy to report that if you’ve already survived the sight of his unzipped jersey and bare chest, the footage of the dancing shouldn’t prove distressing.

If you want to read Jason’s account of his Sri Lanka experience, get yourself over to our shop and order your copy of issue 108 now. And if you want to go out and do the event next year, apply for a place here.

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