Video: Enduro World Series Valberg In One Minute!

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Did you see the results from the latest round of the Enduro World Series in Valberg? During the ‘Enduro des Portes du Mercantour’, a fierce battle emerged between downhill legends Nico Voillouz and Sam Hill in the men’s category, whileCecile Ravanel continued her dominance of the EWS series by taking out four of the seven stages in the women’s category, proving to be the one to beat with just one round left. Competitors battled it out on over 50km of trails that included some 1600m of climbing and 2500m of descending. To say this was a hard race is a complete understatement!

Want to see what it’s all about? Then enjoy this short video below of the latest round of the Enduro World Series;

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    We were out there with Abigale. Great event and great location. Will need to go back to ride the trails. A long drive out and a long drive back for Kevin. 2000 mile round trip to get Abigale back last night to start Uni today
    All the British U21s did us proud

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