Revive Dropper Promises More Drop and Fewer Problems

by Andi Sykes 1

The jury might still be out on new wheel size standards, wider tyres, and Boost, but one innovation that most of us will agree is worth buying into are dropper posts.

Dropper posts have been around quite a bit longer than many of you might remember, but it’s only been the past few years that they have really broken into the mainstream. Even so reliability is a concern for many and dropper posts still suffer from performance issues.

If you have ever experienced a seized or sticky dropper or a once erect post getting squidgy over time, you will be well-versed in the most common dropper woes.

bikeyoke revive seat post
Just your average dropper? Think again!

The good news is that German brand, BikeYoke, claim to have fixed all the most common (and annoying) dropper problems with their new Revive post.

Externally the Revive looks like any other dropper, it comes in 30.9mm and 31.6mm diameter options, is Stealth routed, and has a bar mounted (cable) remote, but the difference is in the details.

First of all the Revive boasts up to 160mm of infinite adjustment (a 125mm version variant will be available too) which puts it up in the ‘long and longer’ class of droppers like the Reverb 170.

bikeyoke revive seat post
Up to 160mm of drop on tap.

Now we get to the really neat features. Imagine you have left your bike upside down and have operated the dropper a few times without giving the system time to settle. Or you’ve picked the bike up by its now-dropped saddle. This generally leads to a squishy ‘suspension’ feel that may require a complete system bleed right? Not so on the Revive.

The Revive name actually comes from the “Revive” feature on the post. A simple valve at the top of the system that once turned allows trapped air to move back into to the correct chamber thus “Reviving” the post. The video below gives us an inside view of the “Revive Valve” in action:

So what about sticky post syndrome? Well, BikeYoke is using an NON-IFP design (internal floating piston) which means that issues with twisting IFP seals, and internal tolerances no longer affect the operation of the post. In their words; it’s a more simple and easily maintainable design.

BikeYoke is using a pre-order sales model to kick-off the launch of the Revive with early adopters benefiting from Titanium hardware and free I-Spec mounts. These Limited Edition versions will be available to order until 31st October starting from €349 for the 125mm model rising to €369 for the 160mm option.


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  1. “This generally leads to a squishy ‘suspension’ feel that may require a complete system bleed right?”

    Only if it was badly bled in the first place.

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