Production Privée Shan GT. Larger Wheels and Retro Paint

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Heard of Production Privée before? If not, Production Privée is the brainchild of two former Commencal employees. While the company is relatively small, they do boast Cedric Gracia as a sponsored rider, which has helped the Andorran company to develop somewhat of a cult following all around the globe.

Oh yes. Oh yes indeed.

The Shan is the frame that most of you will associate with the company. The steel enduro hardtail has enjoyed rave reviews since it first launched as a 26-inch wheeled bike, and again with the 27 launched last year. The new Shan GT is designed for longer hauls however, so gets larger wheel options.

production privee shan gt
Paint scheme inspired by the Rothamans Porsche 962 GT car of the 80’s! Retrotastic!

Production Privée have been clever to design the Shan GT to accept either 29-inch wheels (up to 2.5-inches), or 27.5-inch Plus size wheels (up to 2.8-inch). Meaning you can have your large radius cake and eat it. Even with the bigger wheels, the Shan GT retails a short chainstay (just 427mm) and PP’s own KTP flex system for improved grip and comfort.

Larger wheels aren’t the only changes to come to the GT. The sexy steel steed is Stealth ready, BOOST’d (12 x 148mm rear) and even has mounts for a bottle cage!

As a 29er the Shan GT is designed for forks from 120-140mm. 27.5+ allows up to 160mm forks,
As a 29er the Shan GT is designed for forks from 120-140mm. 27.5+ allows up to 160mm forks,

For us though the real standout feature of the Shan GT are the amazing paint jobs that are based on GT racing cars of the 1970’s to 80’s. Currently only a Rothmans blue and Porsche 935 K3 black are available to order, but a white Chevrolet Corvette C3 Stingray inspired variant and Lotus Esprit S2 JPS model will come later in the year.

FYI, not a bike. But inspiration for a bike, so that’s ok.

If you’re tempted by one of these new GT inspired hardcore hardtails you can pre-order the frame now for €699, or €769 with headset and rear axle. There are also complete bike options ranging from €2649 (with a Rockshox Yari) topping out at €2949 (with Pikes).

Check out the Production Priée Shan GT in action in the video below:

Production Privee

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    The chances of me NOT ordering one of these frames have just got even slimmer!

    I am with mboy, Serious case of want right now!!

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