Best bike over £2500 – Singletrack Readers Awards 2016

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A hugely popular category, this is essentially the ‘Bike Porn’ ultimate desires category. With no upper price limit, it really shows what our readers have been lusting after.

This year is no exception and all of the bikes would happily find a home with us. Again, we’ve limited it to bikes announced in the last 12 months – which only narrows it down to several hundred drool-worthy machines. However, there can be only three nominations! And here they are:

Ibis Mojo 3

The original Ibis Mojo was arguably the first modern carbon trail bike. With an organic, swooping shape that broke away from the carbon tubes of bikes before, the Mojo certainly was a stunner. This third version of the marque keeps the 27.5in wheels of the Mk2, but adds capacity for 27+ too if the mood strikes. That same swoopy silhouette has enough room for a bottle, yet low enough standover for a longer dropper post. And it comes in tomato red too.

Ibis Mojo 3

Intense Primer

The Primer was unveiled this summer to much applause. A trail-ready 29er with 115/130mm travel and some very ‘modern’ slack and steep angles put it right into the all-rounder trail bike category and with Boost spacing as well as a front mech capability should see it staying relevant for a few years yet. It’s just one of the massive amount of new bikes launched by Intense this year, but it’s the one that seems to have caused the most fuss.

intense primer

Robot Bike R160

What do you get if you mix some rocket scientists, material science whizzkids, some great riders and an ex-technical editor? You get a bike company that has caused some big ripples in the UK mountain bike world. Using 3D printed titanium lugs and custom spec carbon frame tubes is impressive enough, but the Robot Bike Co. will custom make that bike to your geometry, riding style and body size. It’s not cheap, but where else are you going to get a UK-made, 160mm custom-fit carbon and titanium trail bike?

robot r160

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