18 Enduro Stages In One Day?

by Wil Barrett 0

Held over the first weekend in September at the new GNAR Bike Park in Cumbria, Round #6 of the PMBA Enduro Series kicked off in style, with some 300-odd competitors tackling the event and it’s new format. Rather than just a handful of stages on race-day, GNAR Bike Park would play host to 18 shorter stages designed to keep riders (and the timing team!) on their toes.

Want to see what you missed? Then enjoy the below video from Round #6 of the Hope PMBA Enduro, as well as the race wrap-up from the event organisers below;

gnar bike park pmba enduro race mud bikepark cumbria
Flying in style through GNAR Bike Park.
gnar bike park pmba enduro race mud bikepark cumbria
Although the weekend had started off wet, each stage saw the course get drier and drier, with plenty of hero traction in the turns.

Well, another new venue, another gamble that paid off. Who would have thought you could run a enduro in 500mx500m of woodland and everyone be buzzing?

gnar bike park pmba enduro race mud bikepark cumbria
You gotta earn your turns!

In a series of 7 enduro‘s we can exploit one of the best things about enduro racing, its variety! Even in our 4 years of organising this format was completely different, and yes some apprehension was felt but it was well worth it.

gnar bike park pmba enduro race mud bikepark cumbria
Ok, so there was still some mud in places…

We achieved that and SportIdent believe a world record for the number of stages in a single day, 18 stages, 3 times each down 6 stages. I think the key to this events success was the riders themselves, they bought into the odd format and used the push-up track as a platform for cheering riders on the 4 stages they could see up the liaison for maximum heckling opportunities. The atmosphere was hot and the overnight rain evaporated away in the sunshine making every run faster than the last. You had to attack from the start as the stages were over in a flash!

Can’t see the video for some reason? Then clicky here to watch all the endooooro action!