WATCH: Mountain Biking – The Untold British Story

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You helped out in the crowdfunding campaign. You’ve watched all the trailers. You’ve read all the interviews. And you’ve heard all about the film premier. But now (YES NOW!), the wait is finally over. As of now, you can finally get your hands on the most anticipated mountain biking documentaries of the year: ‘Mountain Biking – The Untold British Story’!

mtb movie the british untold story

Presented by Blue Hippo Media in conjunction with Singletrack Mountain Bike Magazine (that’s us!), ‘Mountain Biking – The Untold British Story’ (also known as #mtbmovie), is a documentary about the 40-year history of mountain biking in the UK. Featuring interviews with legendary names such as Tracy Moseley, Steve Peat, Dan Gee and Rachel Atherton, Martyn Ashton, Rob Warner, Gary Fisher, Jason Miles, Geoff Apps, Carlton Reid and many more, this will be the story of how the Brits have carved their names into history and helped shape the global phenomenon that is mountain biking.

Check out the trailer below and see why Gary Fisher has given the movie 5-Stars.

Ready to score your own copy? Then head through to the Mountain Biking – The Untold British Story Vimeo page.

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