Video: Fresh Goods Friday #305 Wrap-Up

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Good morning Singletrack readers! We trust you had a fantabulous weekend?

We certainly did, with almost everyone from Singletrack HQ getting the chance to get on two wheels of some sort. Mark and his family went up to Scotland for the weekend to visit some old friends, while Hannah took her husband and two childlings out for an epic mountain bike loop, followed by an afternoon watching some local cricket in Tod. We cannot confirm whether Pimms was consumed alongside cucumber sandwiches at the cricket, but let’s go with it.

Chipps and Beate got out for a bumpy road ride on Saturday, and then took new recruit Wil out on some of the excellent trails around Lee Quarry. Six hours of riding later, and Wil’s legs are officially cooked. Meanwhile, Rob was reacquainted with his Nukeproof longterm test bike, after sorting out a few mechanical issues late last week. He was so happy to be with his old friend that he made a video of the two together. We cannot confirm or deny what happens in the video, but the important thing is that Rob has a smile on his face.

lee quary crag, chipps, wil, mountain biking
Chipps playing sensei on a Sunday ride out at Crag Quarry, not far from Singletrack Towers in Todmorden.

Did you get out on the bike yourself? What kind of riding adventures did you get up to?

If you didn’t get the chance to make it out on the bike, you’ll be happy to know that warmer weather is on the way to the British Isle this week, so best pencil in some quality trail time on the knobbly tyres so you can get out there and make the most of it!

In the meantime, we’ve got a recap from our Fresh Goods Friday Live video from last week. Prior to filming, we were joined at Singletrack Towers by four visitors, who we took out on the local trails around Todmorden. Every few weeks we’re visited by some of our Lifetime Subscribers, who as part of their lifetime subscription to Singletrack Magazine, get to come check out the office for the day, join us all for a ride, and then tuck into some excellent fish ‘n’ chips from our local chippy. Following our ride and late lunch, we all headed down to our local pub to film Fresh Goods Friday Live, which conveniently happened to coincide with ‘Drink Beer At Your Desk Friday’. That’s multi-tasking that is.


Can’t see this video for some reason? Then head here to watch!

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