CSG Connection 2016 Part 4 – Sombrio

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Right, so you should know the drill by now, but if you’ve missed our previous posts, check Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 here.

Our final visit to CSG is to take a look at Sombrio. We know so many riders who still treasure and ride in their 10 year old Sombrio shorts. They are one of those brands that seemed to be build up a following based on solidly made, good looking kit. There was therefore a collective sigh when they disappeared a few years ago, and collective cheers when they returned last year.

Building on their small range last year, Sombrio have added to it with a few new pieces, and some nice riding/casual wear cross over kit.

Quest Hoodie (£80.00) and Shore Shirt (£50.00)
Quest Hoodie (£80.00) and Shore Shirt (£50.00)
Vagabond riding shirt (£50.00)
Vagabond riding shirt (£50.00)
And the women's version, the Silhouette. Also £50.00
And the women’s version, the Silhouette. Also £50.00
Stretch riding jeans - Riff (£75.00)
Stretch riding jeans – Riff (£75.00)

Sombrio still have plenty of riding jerseys and shorts to choose from

All the shorts, including the classic Pinner at the front – £90.00 for light, but tough shorts.
Kids need kit too. From jersey (£30.00) and shorts (£50.00)
We liked the look of the Ridgeline jersey. Good primary colours. £40.00
We liked the look of the Ridgeline jersey. Good primary colours. £40.00

Finally, the Smuggle Bib liners (£65.00) are designed for those of us who want to wear baggy clothes, and ditch the riding pack. They contain no fewer than five stash pockets.

No1 – side zip pocket
Well, no pockets here, but camo detailing for extra cool-points
Back in the game. Three rear stash pockets
And a 5th and final one on the leg, for handy hip flask (or maybe energy gel?) access.

And with that, here endeth our CSG Connection coverage for 2016. Thanks to Cycling Sports Group for having us and the multiple coffees to fuel us for the long drive home.

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