Purity Brewing Sponsors Singletrack’s MTB Movie

by Kane Allen 6

‘Mountain Biking: The Untold British Story’ premieres on Saturday the 16th of July and Biking mad Purity Brewing Co. has once more teamed up with Blue Hippo Media and Singletrack as a sponsor.

mtb movieSince launching its biking inspired beer Saddle Black in 2013, Purity has continued to strengthen its links with the cycling community, including the creation of a partnership with saddle makers Brooks England, sponsoring the Cure Leukemia’s London to Paris ride and getting involved with Blue Hippo Media’s 2014 film ‘Bicycle: A Great British Movement’.

Purity brews two award-winning beers borne out of the joy of cycling and being part of the cycling community; the aforementioned Saddle Black, an International Beer Challenge winning 5.8% hoppy black beer, and Gnarly, a limited edition, 6.5% whisky barrel-aged black beer, inspired by the adrenaline raising twists and turns of the mountain path.


‘Mountain Biking – The Untold British Story’ documents the evolution of off-road cycling in the UK from its beginnings in the likes of the Rough Stuff Fellowship, right through to current UK world champions in the sport, innovations in technology and contemporary trends such as the fat bike. It features MTB greats Steve Peat, Rachel Atherton, Tracy Moseley, Rob Warner, Martyn Ashton, Geoff Apps, Jason Miles and more.

rachel atherton manon carpenter singletrack magazine
Rachel Atherton is one of many MTB stars to feature in the movie

The new feature film, co-produced by Singletrack Magazine, is brought to you by the makers of ‘Bicycle: A Great British Movement’, the film that told the story of cycling in the UK and played in over 100 cinemas following its launch at the Tour de France 2014.

Like Bicycle, Mountain Biking will feature a mix of previously unseen archive footage and fascinating interviews from both well-known and unsung heroes, combining human drama, key events and contemporary stories.

The film also celebrates the great British landscape – perhaps the reason why mountain biking is so popular in the UK. It will be fun, even funny at times and, being about mountain biking, will probably feature some people falling off.

Pip Piper, Co-Director and Producer, comments: “As a filmmaker, it has been really encouraging to have the support of Purity in the films I have been making. This one I knew connected with the MD Paul as he is a passionate mountain biker. Great films and fine beer – a well-made match.”

pip piper lansdcape
Co-director and producer Pip Piper

Purity will be attending the world premiere of ‘Mountain Biking – The Untold British Story’ in Hebden Bridge, where Saddle Black and the brewery’s other award-winning beers Lawless Lager and Longhorn IPA will be served to the cycling glitterati.

Paul Halsey, MD of Purity Brewing Co. said: “Purity is fully committed to the cycling community and we are extremely proud to support Blue Hippo’s new project. When I stopped playing competitive sport, I needed to find something to replace the buzz. Then I discovered Mountain Biking.”

He added: “After being taken to Morzine some years ago, I have never looked back. The thrill of the downhill combined with the high level of technical skill required to tackle the most challenging routes makes mountain biking the perfect activity for people who love to push themselves. Not only this, but after those long rides the beer tastes better – because you’ve earned it.”

For more information on Purity, visit www.puritybrewing.com. To order beers online go straight to www.bottleshack.uk.

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  1. Where and when is it on?

  2. purity wouldn’t sponsor my race team, even though they are on my doorstep. The CEO reckoned he was an MTBer too #sourgrapes

    Still reluctantly drink their beer though

  3. “fully committed to the cycling community”

    Yea right, he wouldn’t come riding with us though

  4. This really is an excellent film, and I would love to see it again. Alas I was driving so did not have the chance to drink the beer, I must track some down.

  5. Makes me laugh that in this country of cycling enthusiasts and the media hype that goes with track cycling that no mention of Rachel Atherton smashing the world downhill scene this year has been made on mainstream TV….not to mention Danny Hart getting his win.

  6. Thanks all. The /MTBMovie page will be updated with scheduled screenings over the next week, so best keep checking back for updates. rOcKeTdOg: Purity’s CEO is a top fella and thankfully on a long road to recovery after awful Achilles problems. #sourgrapes

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