Parental Advisory: Rob Warner at Bike Park Wales

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Our Premier Dealer Soho Bikes launches its new website today, and to make sure you all pop over there and take a look there’s a new Rob Warner and Steve Peat video for you to have a look at. Rob Warner has something of a reputation for being a bit sweary, and trying to follow Steve Peat down 50 Shades of Black seems to reduce his vocabulary down to expletives and not much else. Maybe it’s the lack of oxygen to his brain – he has to stop for a rest part way down. If ever you’ve been outclassed by someone faster and fitter, then this video may cheer you up.

The footage was taken at Bike Park Wales, where Soho Bikes headed to record Episode 3 of their TV series. You may recall that we were there behind the scenes to get a slice of the action.

We’ll warn you again: don’t watch it with your kids, or in the office without headphones. It’s a bit sweary.

Can’t see the video? Click here.

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