What Would Your Partner Say? Silicone Rings for the Trail

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enduRings photo
enduRings photo

Degloving, or ring avulsion, is a rare injury… but really, really gross. (Seriously- don’t look for photos or click on the study links.  You’ve been warned.)  It’s what happens when much or all of the skin is torn from the finger by a ring.  We couldn’t find NHS statistics for the injury, but the US sees 150,000 cases annually– that’s one for every two thousand people (a good chunk of who don’t even wear rings).  Because it can remove the blood supply to a chunk of what is your largest organ, degloving is quite serious.  Although skin can increasingly be reattached, as recently as 2008 researchers were saying that “amputation is still the best option for most patients.”

And no one wants that.

Which is why it’s becoming common for a doctor, on spotting tan lines or other bike-related injury, to recommend the removal of wedding bands and other rings during outdoor activities.  Given the potential consequences of a ring avulsion, it’s difficult advice to argue- though going without isn’t always comfortable and can prompt uncomfortable conversations with one’s spouse.

enduRings photo
enduRings photo

Which is why we’re seeing an increasing number of silicone rings advertised, popping up in print or catching our scent online after visiting outdoorsy websites.  There are dozens of companies in the UK and elsewhere offering medical-grade silicone wedding bands- essentially smaller and stronger versions of the cause bracelets popularised by Lance Armstrong.  Prices start around £8 which, quite frankly, is cheap for peace of mind.

One of hundreds of patterns and colours available Enso Rings photo
One of hundreds of patterns and colours available
Enso Rings photo

So ring avulsion is not particularly common injury- but it can be quite serious and is almost entirely preventable.  Having spent a good deal down this gory rabbit hole, we’re going to have the discussion this evening.  Sans photos.

enduRings (UK)

AMRAP Rings (UK)

Qalo (USA)

Enso Silicone Rings (USA)

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    I’m not sure I’d want the sort of wife who thinks that’s necessary to stop women hitting on me.

    Or is it supposed to fit somewhere other than the finger?


    Then there’s keeping track of the thing. It’s hard enough for me to remember my keys- and it’d difficult to get anywhere without them. Some of us are better of keeping track of odds and ends than others 😀

    Only me seeing a Pirelli tyre grip imprint on that ring……

    Is that not going to give you a sweat rash?

    Miniature cock ring??? I wish…

    It’s a great idea, but I fear one of those things which will just get left in the junk draw, just like the Livestrong bracelet.

    Neither me nor Mrs wear wedding rings. Me – cos I’ve never worn it at work or on the bike, which leaves not much other time. Her- because as an opthalmic nurse she washes her hands at least 75 times a day at work.

    I just have a little carabiner on my keyring for the times when I’m not wearing it.

    Have to say, I don’t bother taking it off much, certainly not for most riding. Is degloving actually a serious risk while riding, anywhere near that of the risks while operating machinery?

    @hodge, Yep, I saw that. I wonder if you can get them in ‘High Roller’.

    I take it off for climbing, but don’t usually bother for cycling. Tend to agree that if you need to be ‘tagged’ you’ve got more pressing issues with your marriage that should be attended too before worrying about degloving on a bike.

    I think I’d do without rather than wear a rubber ring, and take the risk of being continually hit on ^^

    Next ride I do, I will risk it with no ring at all and see how many women hit on me. I’ll report back. But how are they going to know? – damn these full finger gloves. I’ll have to go gloveless for even more risk.


    This sets out the common risk factors:

    RTAs, industrial accidents and getting off a bus (for ring-finger avulsion) are highlighted in particular.

    I thought the riskiest activity was putting nets on goal posts?

    Since they rings ar just silicon, I wonder if they could take a cast of my actual wedding ring? That way I’d have one for cycling / skiing / mucking about with tools and one for all the other times.

    Lost my wedding ring on a beach, on Malta, … on honeymoon!

    Mrs Seadog was a bit miffed at the time, but agreed that maybe, due to my ever present clumsiness, best that I didn’t get another.

    I can’t imagine having to wear a silicone ring. Mrs JAMJ wouldn’t question me taking my ring off and it’s mutual. Trust is the thing.

    Have I woken up on April 1st?

    Will this be like the phone case that I forget to put my phone in and then it ends up broken anyway…

    I take the engagement ring off when hitting the trails, more of a fear of damaging it. When I go swimming, both wedding and engagement ring are left at home. 🙂

    I’ve got one of those Enso rings (actually two, but that’s a different story) and I like them. I like wearing a wedding ring, it’s a commitment I made when i got married. And I wear the silicone band almost as much as my gold band, for various reasons, not least because I’m a fair chunk thinner than when I got married. But it’s more comfortable, no issues with sweat rashes or the like, and far more practical for getting mucky hands while working on bikes, gardens, etc., as well as for sports.

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