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Rider Profile

Traharn spent the day at Bike Park Wales with Soho Bikes who were filming their latest video for Soho Bikes TV. The day was all about riding different wheel sizes to try and answer the impossible question ‘which is best?’. Traharn grabbed a few minutes with some of the riders to find out more about their answer to this question, and more.

Words – Traharn Chidley
Photos – Dan Wyre Photography


Soho Bikes London Copyright 2016 Dan Wyre Photography, all rights reserved This Image can be Purchased from

Name: Rob Warner

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Comments (3)

    “I like 29er wheels; if I could get a 6inch travel, 29er enduro bike that would probably be it for me.”

    I think that the bike industry has some good news for Mr Warner on that front…

    A great bloke. I’m a teacher and a few years ago he made a big effort (with a broken leg) to come and speak to the students during bike week, many of whom still talk about his visit. I was bricking it that he’d accidentally slip in a swear word, but he was a pro… top guy.

    @Chris, I think maybe he knows they exist, he just can’t get them for free from Giant.

    Also, some inconsiderate bastard bought the last XL Mega.

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