Hell Freezes Over, Cotic releases thru-axle BFe model

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Today, Cotic Cycles announces an updated version of its BFe aggressive trail bike and a change of heart regarding thru-axles on its frames. Following the same direction as the recent BFe26 update (which is still available, 26in fans), there is Stealth/Internal dropper post routing, and tidied up front mech routing which is now for Shimano Sideswing front mechs only. These mechs have much more clearance around the tyre than regular mechs, and they’re available down to Deore level, so it won’t be much to get you up and running if you’re still running a 2x or 3x drivetrain.

Neat dropper routing and sideswing-only front mech routing.
Multipurpose bottle cage and cable guide mounts
Burn the witch! Er, neat new bolt-thru axles from Syntace

Cy goes on to say “The biggest news is that [humble pie time] there is a 142 x 12 thru axle option! It’s a first on a Cotic hardtail, and those of you who follow the newsletter will probably know that we have been staunch advocates of QRs on hardtails for… well, basically forever. It uses the fantastic Syntace X-12 system we use on the Rocket’s droplink suspension, it’s super secure and as light as 12mm systems get.”

“Why the change of heart? Well, we still believe there’s no performance benefit from thru axle on a hardtail, and you can still get BFe275 in a QR version if you have QR wheels, or don’t feel the need. However, we are always listening to our customers and there is strong demand for this. People often like to be able to swap wheels between a couple of bikes, and most FS bikes – in fact most mountain bikes full stop – are 142×12 these days. So it’s great from a practicality point of view. And the BFe275 is a burly bike and people like the security of a thru axle for this kind of bike. I can understand that.”

“I also realised I was properly in danger for doing what I said I never would, and tilting at the windmills of the industry and getting in an engineery huff because it ‘wasn’t needed’. When road bikes started to sprout thru axles, I realised I needed to have a word with myself. I remember not buying a Bontrager frame back in the 90’s after saving up for months because it still had a 1in headset (remember those?) because Keith thought oversized headsets weren’t needed. He had a fair point at that time in the mountain bikes’ evolution, but from a practical point of view I didn’t want to buy new forks with an old standard steerer. I promised myself I’d always build ‘Modern Steel’ Hardtails.

The even tidier side…
How about that colour? We love it!
As neat as thru-axles get
A bit of Sheffield (and) steel for ya.


The new BFe275 is available from today in the luscious Fast Red or subtle Grey/Yellow. The QR version is £349 for the frame only, and bikes start with the Silver spec at £1499. The Syntace 142 version costs £399, or another £50, for the frame, and the Silver spec bike starts at £1579 as it has tubeless ready WTB rimmed wheels from the Rocket Silver bike. All the info is here: https://www.cotic.co.uk/order/framebuilder/BFe275/

Cy, meanwhile is on the run from the crazed 26in, QR-wheeled mafia – though he’s keen to point out that the 26in BFe is still available and will be for as long as people keep buying it.


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    When will the Solaris go 142?

    QR or thru axle leaves me cold but the red colour looks fast!

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