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Yes yes, the thing you’ve been waiting for all week. Some of us have been up through the night so that we can bring you this here today. Your very next purchase may well depend on it. It’s going to change your future, and the future of your grandchildren. You’ve been checking your social feeds every couple of minutes to see if it’s here and now, here we have it! No, not the referendum result, it’s Fresh Goods Friday!

For those of you feeling jubilant, click here. For those of you left wondering what comes next, click here.

J Guillem Tomir


Ooh. Titanium. Pause and behold the shininess.


Stealth black rigid carbon fork. 29 inch wheels.


Shimano XT and…


*GASP*…A front mech! Those ‘Crazy Europeans!’ But nice neat internal cable routing, which is apparently Di2 compatible.


More internal cable routing and silky smooth welds.


For when you’re finished thrashing the opposition in the XC race, there’s brakes for stopping.


Shimano XT again for the brakes. Cool labyrinth grips – for if you get bored waiting for the opposition to cross the line behind you.


Barney may not be here, but we’re doing our best to keep the Art levels at High.

Altura MTB 360 Attack Gloves

  • Price: £28.00
  • From: Zyro

altura attack, gloves

Altura gloves that look a little Spidermanny (which is not a bad thing!). It’s made with a hard wearing mesh with a synthetic leather palm for all your gripping needs. Might also help stop you biting your nails when you think about the referendum result.

Rapha + Apidura Saddle Pack

rapha, saddle pack

A new collaboration between Apidura, purveyors of luggage, and Rapha, purveyors of chic. A pack to fit to your saddle, to carry your giant fat bike inner tubes in, perhaps?

Bags for the bags

Being Rapha, the luggage comes in PINK bags.

Rapha + Apidura Bar Pack


More pink, more luggage. Both ends have this same closure fitting, so you can go IN one end and OUT the other, or keep the IN end completely separate from the OUT end, to prevent fraught family arguments.

Laybag Inflatable Air Sofa


The Laybag is a sort of inflatable sofa. On the website you can choose from a variety of colours; from California Yellow to Outdoor-Olive… not exactly sure why they had to specify it as an outdoor olive, can you grow olives indoors? Singletrack’s own Laybag is of a pinkier and brighter shade, as seen above. It’s impossible to miss.

This was Hannah’s first attempt at putting the Laybag into action. She did say it was very comfy… eventually. We will practice some more and a full review will happen…

WTB Bridger 27.5 Tyres


Fast rolling chubby rubber. Handy for all terrain fleeing from the zombie apocalypse. It’s coming next, right?

Fort William Survival Kit

fort william

It’s a bit late but here is the Fort Bill survival kit. Packed with water, a Shimano rain poncho, midge protector spray, a strong drink (not the Strathmore water) and some cardboard strips pretending to be hay. Our Fort Bill team left this behind… fortunately they survived, even without the kit.

Not of use at Fort Bill, but Glastonbury folks may need to borrow it for the weekend!
Kane, looking like a Smurf Death.

Not of use at sunny Fort Bill, but Glastonbury folks may need to borrow it for the weekend.

Altura Hammock and Protector Shorts

  • Price: £20.69 and £49.49
  • From: Zyro


Undershorts to protector your under-ness. Both models feature ErgoFit 3D patterning which is supposed to create a more comfortable riding position. The Protector has moulded EVA hip protector pads whereas the Hammock uses a breathable mesh base layer to give it a touch of lightness. Both will attach into your Altura shorts of choice using poppers to keep you more securely joined together than Scotland to England.

Wolf Tooth GC 45T Cog


Compatible with an Shimano 11-speed cassette, with 45T so you can spin your way up anything. Again, potentially handy in the zombie apocalypse. If your legs give out, just throw it.

Lifesystems Sun Protection

sun lotion

Do jellyfish hunt? Do they intend to sting you, or are they just sort of floating about? Apparently this will stop them doing whatever it is they do, as it has added ‘anti-jellyfish formula’, as well as SPF 40 sun-protector-juice.

Lifesystems Mountain Formula Cream


The ‘Mountain Formula’ alternative/addition There is no jelly-fish protection in this one, but it is sweat resistant and has 10 added SPF number things. Only protects against the sun in the sky, not the one in the newsagent.

Crankbrothers Stamp Pedals


Flat pedals which come in two sizes – large or small – to go with your feet. The pins are adjustable too, should you wish to regulate the amount of damage you do to your shins.

Blackburn Wayside Multi-Tool

  • Price: £19.99
  • From: Zyro


An easy access multi-tool and Allen key set with 19 different functions. Definitely one for the zombie apocalypse.

M & M’s, Galaxy and Bounty Trail-Mix

  • Price: £0.69
  • From: Supermarkets, not all, but many.


A selection of handy fit-it-in-your-back-pocket trail mix bags for all the M & M, Galaxy and Bounty lovers out there. The fruit is healthy(ish) and therefore counters the unhealthy-ness of the chocolate… science! Maybe. Whatever, it’s all living together in harmony inside these little bags. Probably highly trade-able come the zombie apocalypse.

That’s it. And now for the part you’ve all been waiting for, the music. But with Barney no longer in the office what are we going to do? We could get apprentice Kane to spread his hard-hitting techno to the Singletrack faithful…but there’s a limit to how much change we can handle in one day without needing gin for elevenses. To save us any further trauma, we asked Barney to send one in for us instead.


(Can’t see the video? Click here)

Oh go on then Kane, just one song.

ST out. No, not out, in. But apparently OUT anyway. Gah!

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