Flare Clothing Co. Announces New Collection

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Premier Dealer Flare Clothing Co. has announced its new 2016 season range, which includes gear for downhill, enduro and technical riding.


As the press release tells us, “the graphics are bold, fabrics are functional and designs are packed with cool features that only a passionate MTB rider would think to include”.


Roost is Flare's DH range - this is a men's top, £40.
Roost is Flare’s DH range – this is a men’s top, £40.

The DH collection is called Roost, which is apparently “about shredding down gnarly Alpine tracks, digging deep on your race run at Fort William, or sending it on a 30ft double at the local woods”. The release tells us that it’s made to last, “especially when things don’t go to plan!”.

Roost is Flare's DH range. These shorts are £70. Other colours also available.
Roost is Flare’s DH range. These shorts are £70. Other colours also available.

The long-sleeve jerseys are made from Coolmax; they’re baggy enough to accommodate body armour, and the ladies gear has ‘a perfectly tailored cut’. The shorts are 560 dernier Cordura and have nylon stretch panelling, a reinforced seat and an adjustable waistband.

Women's Roost top is more fitted
Women’s Roost top (£40) is more fitted


Stage is Flare’s trail and enduro clobber. The jersey is lighter-weight than Roost, with a softer feel and a glasses wipe. The shorts are UV and abrasion resistant 4 way stretch material, with a similar reinforced seat and adjustable waist.

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Stage top for women – £40…
…and some of the shorts, £70. Different colours, and chap’s gear available too.


Flare’s technical Ts are known as the ‘Solar’ range in a range of bright and cheerful styles. Here’s a ladies one at £35:


…and this one is an example from the gent’s range also at £35:


For more information, take a look at the Flare Clothing Co. website

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