WTF – Introducing the Bike Mine

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Okay, welcome to the world of the weird and wonderful – the Bike Mine has just been launched on Kickstarter.


Essentially, the idea is to prevent anyone with light-fingers from taking your precious steed away from you, by arming it with an explosive sonic detonation (a shotgun blank, we think). If anyone tries to wheel your bike away, an extremely (extremely) loud 150dB bang will attract attention – and will presumably prevent the tea-leaf from ever hearing properly again, as well as making him (or her) require a change of M&S’ finest underpants. You can pick one up on Kickstarter for £49 at the moment…


The bangy thing itself. Pic from Kickstarter

The charges are replaceable, and the whole thing is commendably simple. Although I can’t help thinking that, instead of waiting to detonate when the bike is wheeled away, it’d be better to rig it to explode as the thief sets about your lock with whatever it is they’re setting about your lock with.

Anyway, what do you lot think? An awesome idea? Or prize, unadulterated mentals?

Fair disclosure – we got this story from Bike Biz – thanks folks!

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Comments (10)

    Got to admit it is tempting. Just for the craic that is. Bit silly it does look like you can lock it or stop it from being tampered with. So tea leaves would circumventing rather sharpish

    It would have to be used in conjunction with something else. One bang and that’s it, if no-one hears it then Billy Light Fingers is away. It’s also pretty visible, and presumably reasonably easy to tamper with for the seasoned bike thief. I think ahm oot.

    tbh wouldn’t they just ride off after its banged?

    would be interesting pointing at the nads tho.

    As noted you can either detach it or the wire without tools or any skills

    Good idea but needs to be less obvious and tamper proof

    I’ve had a shotgun cartridge alarm on my shed/garage, believe me when you set it off by accident it’s shocking, the last thing you can do is think straight!

    So… It’s held on by Velcro? A thief would just remove it.

    I had a 95db alarm on my bike that a thief stole, the alarm was triggered, so he just stole that too.

    Good idea, but needs a better implementation that’s secure in some way.

    err not spamming, just pointing out that this has been done.

    So, a poacher alarm then? With velcro. £15 from any country sports shop…

    A shot gun cartridge in the seat tube now that would be much more interesting.

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