Tweedlove Islabikes PCC Dirt Crit

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The future of the sport looks amazing; this year Peebles Cycling Club (PCC) celebrates their 10th year of running the dirt crit series which has helped deliver names such as Grant Ferguson, Katy Winton, Isla Short and Lucy Grant to the international stage. With a misty and deceptively chilly cloud enveloping Glentress, nothing could dampen the enthusiasm of the PCC organisers, over 130 children and a forest full of proud parents for the first of the 2016 six-race series.

Some rapid riders_oldest_girl_winner
Anna McGorum storming to her under 16 win

For the past few years Tweedlove has embraced the first round of the series into the festival, enforcing the incredible community spirit and inclusiveness that exists in ‘Bike Valley’. At the start line Islabikes had a fleet of their new Pro Series range on display (with many a parent hiding wallets from their children’s view) and the PCC had a very tasty home baked cake stall to keep the young shredders on a sugar high until racing was over!

Utilising a stretch of forest drive and Glentress’ flowy Blue Velvet trail, this was a flat out course and left no place to hide. As the competitors were called up to the start line, the focus in the eyes was evident. The age group determined how many laps would be raced, ranging from one to four, with the 13-16 year olds having an additional technical section added in for extra spice.

Under 8 was the youngest age category and, as they lined up in a multitude of colour, heart strings were pulled and there was a simultaneous ‘ahh’ from the crowd– this was grass roots racing done with the most spectacular sportsmanship.

8yr race

There were smiles, tears, hugs, sprint finishes and handshakes in huge quantity, with every wee racer giving it their all. Crowds lined the track, cheering on these young kids irrespective of what club they are part of. Friends from school became arch enemies on the bike, but one thing drew everyone together; a love of bikes, and racing bikes in such a friendly and encouraging environment.


There were some impressively quick riders that would provide a significant adversary to many an adult racing the same course. As the top three in each category took to the podium one thing really touched me; each one shook the hand of the other podium placers. A small thing but says a great deal about our sport, especially in this small corner of Scotland. Mark my words, there were some real stars of the future racing here.

U14 Podium – 1st Corran Carrick-Anderson 2nd Jonte Williams 3rd Callum Johnson

Under 8 Girls:

  1. Kate Mckean
  2. Kate Milne
  3. Emma McCracken

Under 8 Boys:

  1. Isaac Beard
  2. Louis Thornley
  3. Finn Crouther

8yr Girls:

  1. Niamh Waters
  2. Daisy Wilkinson
  3. Maisie Mowat

8yr Boys:

  1. Nic Jackson
  2. Stan Nisbet
  3. Bryn Davies

U10 Girls:

  1. Rudie Shearer
  2. Martha Cooper
  3. Freya Gibson

U10 Boys:

  1. Innes McDonald
  2. Ben Allan
  3. Luis Ryder

U12 Girls:

  1. Emily Carrick-Anderson
  2. Christina McGorum
  3. Ruby Smith

U12 Boys:

  1. Cole Nicholson
  2. William Brodie
  3. Ben McMullen

U14 Girls:

  1. Emily Hunter
  2. Jen Watt
  3. Elena McGorum

U14 Boys:

  1. Corran Carrick-Anderson
  2. Jonte Williams
  3. Callum Johnson

U16 Girls:

  1. Anna McGorum
  2. Megan Wilkinson

Words: Tom Nash, Pictures: Ian Linton

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