More degrees! Lensbaby Gives GoPro the Fisheye

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Do you feel like your action cam isn’t capturing the true scope of your radness?  That, somehow, the bigger picture has been missing from your Friendbook posts?  Well despair not!  Lensbaby feel your discomfort and know that you aren’t satisfied with a mere 37-125º of action.

While distortion is clear when viewed on a flat screen, the 185-degree field provided by this add-on lens is greater than what the human eye sees- when pointed in the same direction the camera will capture everything that its wearer sees.  In addition to increasing the field captured, the Circular 180+ increases the camera’s depth of field, meaning that objects near and far appear impressively clear and sharp on video (see above).  The large black border looks odd here, but the round field seems particularly well-suited to Instagram’s square format.

Oddly threatening, isn't it?
Oddly threatening, isn’t it?

The Circular 180+ attaches without tools to the waterproof housing on current GoPro cameras -easily the most common action cams on the market- and comes with front and rear covers so that tossing it in the pack won’t result in dusty, dirty (digital) prints.  While amateurs will get a kick out of the funky circular effects  and chest harness Gumby arms, the fisheye was initially designed for the professional photographers Lensbaby usually serves, and is meant to spare more expensive cameras the wear and tear of outdoor (or underwater, with an add-on kit) use.

Now seeking funding on Kickstarter, the Circular 180+ is expected to retail for $100 (£68), though early specials start at $69 (£47) plus postage and duties.  Delivery is scheduled for August, 2016.

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