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Mondraker has embraced the top-drawer e-bike in a big way with the announcement of the e-Prime for 2017, and here it is:


They’ve not gone in for half measures, it’s fair to say. It’s a 120mm hardtail, yes, but it’s available in carbon (and aluminium too), with a Bosch motor, and (it says here) “a wealth of details that make the e-Prime Carbon an icon and reference in the new e-MTB Trail category.” Pow. There are 4 spec. levels to choose from.


So what do we have? Yep, carbon, Mondraker’s Forward Geometry (which give you an enoooormously long top tube and a very, very weeny stem), 27.5+ wheels for comfort and traction (and aesthetically in this scribe’s opinion e-bikes look a little less pot-bellied with chubby tyres) and Bosch Performance engines on the Aluminium and Performance CX engines on the Carbon bikes.


The Prime and the Prime carbon joins the e-Vangate (140mm hardtail), e-crafty (140mm full-suss) and e-Panzer (fatbike) in Mondraker’s electric pantheon.


Here are the main points from the press release:

  • New range of hardtail e-MTB Trail bikes with 120mm travel forks
  • 4 models: e-Prime Carbon RR+ / e-Prime Carbon R+ / e-Prime R+ / e-Prime+ • 4 sizes available: S (15.5 “), M (17”), L (19 “), XL (21”)
  • Stealth Carbon Drive Unit Interface frameset
  • Mondraker FlatStays Technology
  • Bosch Performance CX electric motor
  • 25km/h Pedelec Assist
  • 500W/h Bosch Powerpack battery
  • ntuvia Performance On-board Display
  • Bosch Drive Unit Integrated Protector
  • Boost 148×12 and 110x15mm hub spacing
  • Tapered head tube and Post Mount rear brake
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Weights: e-Prime Carbon RR+: 18.8kg (41.44lbs) e-Prime Carbon R+: 19.3kg (42.54lbs) e-Prime R+: 19.7kg (43.43lbs) e-Prime +: 20kg (44.09lbs)

For more details, click here… but if you’re impatient, here’s the geometry:

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 11.10.40


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    The horror! Nah just joking. When I am older and more decrepit there will be options. That said those weights
    Jaysus. When you run out of juice you would be in a world of pain.

    Whats the point in a “super light” carbon ebike that still weighs 41lb? Bonkers. Might as well get a lardy fat bike at 48lb.

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