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singletrack issue 106 cover Mattias Fredriksson

What’s in the mag this month? Read on!

UK Adventure – Long Mynd: Barney goes in search of long singletrack descents too good to miss.

International Adventure – Ecuador: Cass Gilbert goes bikepacking – stunning photography and adventure results.

International Adventure – Los Angeles: Chipps seeks out that which is not concrete in the City of Angels.

Classic Ride – Exmoor: Barney finds that steep hills and merciless gorse can hide a treasure trove of West Country singletrack.

Grouptest: Trail SPD shoes are tested by the team. But do they pass the ‘pub’ test?

Bike Test – The Second Coming: We test three second iterations of bikes from Orange, Santa Cruz and Singular. Is it a case of improvement through evolution, or a film sequel style flop?

Grinder: A bucketful of shiny components, lovingly mixed with some springtime grit and exuberant riding before judgement.

And in our subscriber section:

UK Adventure – Orienteering: Chipps tests out his map reading skills in the Dark Peak.

Magic in the Margins of the Day: A change in circumstances leads Doug McDonald to discover the joy of dusk and and dawn riding.

Here are a couple of our favourite shots:

LA's riding is none too shabby
LA’s riding is none too shabby
Pete enjoys the singletrack in Exmoor
Ecuador – hilly. Who knew?

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Barney Marsh

Singletrack Magazine Contributor

Barney Marsh takes the word ‘career’ literally, veering wildly across the road of his life, as thoroughly in control as a goldfish on the dashboard of a motorhome.

He’s been, with varying degrees of success, a scientist, teacher, shop assistant, binman and, for one memorable day, a hospital laundry worker. These days, he’s a dad, husband, guitarist, and writer, also with varying degrees of success. He sometimes takes photographs. Some of them are acceptable.

Occasionally he rides bikes to cast the rest of his life into sharp relief. Or just to ride through puddles. Sometimes he writes about them. Bikes, not puddles.

He is a writer of rongs, a stealer of souls and a polisher of turds.

He isn’t nearly as clever or as funny as he thinks he is.

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