eBikes Banned From Assisting Enduro Racers Shocker

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In a surprise move (not really) the British Enduro Series has announced that in addition to not being able to use an eBike in any of their races you now can’t accept outside assistance from anyone using one either. Apparently, despite there being an actual rule banning ebikes from use in both practice and racing some ‘racers’ still seemed to think it would be fine to get a tow from their non-competing mate on an ebike up the transitions. Yes! That’s right. In order to avoid ‘issues’ with landowners and insurers the organisers have had to add two new rules to the section including ebikes to make sure that riders don’t try and gain an electric advantage.

The following post was taken from the British Enduro Facebook Page

Look everyone! A berk who thinks it’s ok to use an ebike in a MTB race!

Rules 4.4 and 4.5 were added to the official list of other rules above and below these numbers on the 20/5/2016

The new rules in full then, presumably printed under the subheading of ‘The Bleedingly Obvious’.


  • 4.0 Only one frame can be used by a competitor during a race. Change of equipment (5 minute penalty).
  • 4.1 A rider can use unmarked equipment during training.
  • 4.2 e-Bikes must not be used during practice or race runs. Please note there is not an e-bike category. (Disqualified).
  • 4.3 Riders entered into the event that are not racing are not permitted to ride e-bikes. (Disqualified).
  • 4.4 Riders are not permitted to receive any outside assistance except that authorised by the event i.e Feed stations. (Disqualified). Riders may receive assistance from within the pit area at any time during the event.
  • 4.5 e-bikes are only permitted by event staff and accredited media of the BES

Being serious for just a brief moment, these rules are apparently needed because a) a rider was apparently caught riding an actual stage during a race on an eBike and b) Some riders have been using ebikes to scope out stages during practice.

We will be at Mountain Mayhem in a few weeks time. We’ll be keeping a close eye on the bikes there just in case.

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