A Nice, Normal Hardtail: Alastair’s Shand Bahookie

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Whatever happened to the nice, normal hardtail?

Not trying too hard- but getting it just right.
Not trying too hard- but getting it just right.

With all of the ‘look at me’ bikes and (questionable) innovations that make their way across the newsdesk, sometimes we need a palate cleanser of sorts.  Like Alastair’s Shand Bahookie singlespeed.

Like a a summer sky
Like a a summer sky

Granted, singlespeeds and 29ers were considered radical until relatively recently- but are beginning to feel like classic choices.  Announced last winter, the Bahookie is handbuilt and painted in Scotland using custom-drawn Columbus steel.  While fluoro and creative decal placement are all the rage, the sky blue and and understated graphics seen here are guaranteed to age far, far better.

Shand use an eccentric PF30 bottom bracket and Paragon interchangeable dropouts to connect the ferrous tubes while allowing for easy tensioning and even Rohloff  and belt drive adaptations.  Bahookies sport three (!) sets of bottle bosses and are rack-ready without clamps or bodges.  Stealth dropper routing helps to keep the lines clean.

One and done.
One and done.

Frames start at £980 and complete bikes at £2,250 with a parts kit featuring Hope wheels, Middleburn cranks, XT brakes and Shand’s own 620g carbon rigid fork.


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  1. Simple, yet stunning!

  2. And not a hardtail…

  3. I think Bregante means its a rigid – no suspension forks

  4. It is very lovely though.

  5. Still has a hard tail end.

  6. My kind of bike Lovely.

  7. Don’t worry- there’s a box on the order form that you can tick for a Reba.

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