THAT Santa Cruz Truck Actually Exists

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It all started as a bit of fun. Randy Willoughby from Santa Cruz, playing around with Photoshop and some pictures of a classic VW pickup truck and some Santa Cruz bikes… It made for a great poster anyway.

Well, Santa Cruz was recently bought by Pon Holdings, a large group in Holland that also owns Cervelo bikes and Derby Cycles. It also happens to be the importer of Volkswagen cars in Holland.

Santa Cruz boss, Rob Roskopp went over to see the company in Holland recently and the new owners of the company announced to him that they had a present for him – they had made the pretend Volkswagen truck into a real thing.

Santa Cruz bikes, volkswagen pickup, sea otter
Lovely. Now slam it!
santa cruz, volkswagen,
A paint-free un-distressed finish will last for years in Santa Cruz, California
santa cruz, volkswagen,
The US office wasn’t sure about the ‘Harder, Smarter, Weirder’ caption, but it fits well.

And finally, here’s a great little aside. This orange Santa Cruz Stigmata has a colour-matched frame pump. Nice touch…


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    That Stigmata is gorgeous. That is all.

    I’d ruddy love the Stigmata but I’ll make do with my Cube as it was nearly a third of the price (and to be fair pretty bloody good too). When my numbers come up the the Stigmata will be in my fleet though.

    Ben Pon Sr. was behind the creation of the Split screen T2 , van fact fans .

    With those tub’d front arches you’ll have to drive the T2 from the middle…….. 😉

    Canyon’s VW Crafter 4Motion Race Truck edges it IMHO …

    I bet it’s a Transformer in disguise!

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