Sea Otter 2016 – Formula’s new 2017 Cura brake

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Formula have chosen today to launch their new for 2017 Cura brake upon the expectant masses, with a claim of ‘unwavering power and intuitive modulation’. Coo.


They’re claiming that their new forging techniques make for a brake that’s accessible to everyone regardless of discipline, so it only needs anodising after forging to protect it – none of this paint nonsense.


The reservoir on the lever has multiple bleed points, which can only be a good thing, and it’s placeddirectly above the master cylinder for ‘simple, worry free bleeding’.


There’s a 2 piece caliper, too, with large 24mm pistons, and (oh, this will please a lot of people) the brakes come with Formula’s speedlock valve so you can disconnect the hoses without needing to bleed them. They’ve also changed to mineral oil, a first for Formula.

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 16.38.03

For more details, check out Formula’s website. Formula is distributed in the UK by Silverfish.

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