Sea Otter 2016: 661

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661 – EVO-M helmet

The new 661 EVO-M helmet is a more affordable version of its popular EVO-AM lid. Using EPS foam rather than the more durable Contigo foam, and offering a simpler palette of three colours, 661 has been able to drop the price by US$40 while still offering a Boa fit system.

Helmet liner is simpler too to save money
Same great shape and co-moulded for durability from scuffs
Do you need a moveable peak? We should do a poll on it

661 Filter shoes

The Filter was s popular flat and SPD shoe for 661 a few years ago. It has decided to bring it back again with some upgrades. The sole, on the SPD and the flat shoes has stickier rubber than before – with the flat shoe obviously getting the stickiest version. There’s a stronger toe-box to protect from those ‘kick the rock moments’ and the whole shoe is 150g lighter.

Chunky but lighter? There’s a theme here this year


By increasing the heel cup grip and widening the toe box, 661 reckons you don’t need to run them as tight, which should help keep circulation in your toes when it’s colder out (so most of the time then). There’s a slightly asymmetric shape, higher on the inside to protect from crank strikes too. The new Filter and Filter SPD will be out around September this year.

Black or grey?
The black shoes get the show-off soles

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