Salsa Launches New Redpoint All-Mountain Trail Bike

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Salsa is a brand known perhaps for their more quirky take on the world of – y’know – bikes ‘n’that. But now they’ve shouldered their way into the full-bore gnarmobile arena with this – the Redpoint:


The Redpoint is Salsa’s 27.5″ wheeled 150mm trail bike for ‘tackling the roughest and most remote all-mountain terrain’. It’s Boosted, so Salsa claim increased stiffness coupled with ‘massive amounts of mud clearance’ – an American bike company designing in mud clearance? Fingers crossed they’re right.

There’s a split pivot back end, which Salsa tells us is more progressive than their other bikes – which should be  good for climbing, as well as what can only be described as ‘hucking’. It’ll run well with a 150 or a 160mm fork.


Redpoint Carbon X01

For those that want to go plus sized, the bike is compatible with 26″+ (26 x 3.0″) tyres on 45–50mm wide rims, as well as 27.5 x 2.3–2.5″. Which explains the mud clearance claims.

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 15.25.36

It comes in carbon and aluminium flavours, with slight differences in geometry between the models. In the US the Carbon XO1 and GX1 are $5499.99 and $4499.99 respectively, while the Aluminum is $3499.99.

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 15.20.49

Again in the US versions, finishing kit between the GX1 and aluminium version is largely the same, although the Aluminum comes with a 2x set up, rather than the in-vogue 1x. UK specific build specs and prices are still to be confirmed, although we do know that the frame only version of the carbon models will be £2300, and that it’ll be available in 3 full-bike models.

Salsa Redpoint

Redpoint Carbon GX1

With short (ish) 430mm chainstays, the Redpoint should be agile in tight terrain and through corners. Salsa claims the  66.9° head angle is slack enough to the take full advantage of the bike’s travel and charge the descents, but allowing for a stable and well-mannered bike on the climbs.

Salsa has pitched the Redpoint, available to order now from Salsa dealers, as a modern-day all-rounder capable of handling any trail on the mountain. If the capability matches the promise, then with this bike there’ll be no excuses for not conquering that trail – it’s just a case of whether you’ve got the nerve and the skills.

For more details check out Salsa’s website. Salsa is distributed in the UK by Raleigh UK Ltd.

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 15.21.03

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 15.25.44

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