Partner of Keith Bontrager Sues Tesco Over Collision

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The partner of industry legend Keith Bontrager, Julie Dinsdale, was run over by a driver of a Tesco branded van in central London in October of last year. The collision resulted in Julie losing her leg after the van turned left across her. Keith was riding with her at the time.


Legal representatives of Ms Dinsdale have today released information on the civil case they will now be pressing ahead with against the employer of the driver, Tesco.

The press release in full

27 April 2016 

Statement from Leigh Day on behalf of Julie Dinsdale

Lawyers for a cyclist whose leg was amputated after she was hit by a left-turning Tesco lorry in October 2015 have confirmed they are taking civil legal action against Tesco.

The driver of the lorry, 23-year-old Florin Oprea, today pleaded Not Guilty to two criminal charges for causing Serious Injury By Dangerous Driving, as well as Driving Without Due Care And Attention.

Julie Dinsdale was crushed under the wheels of Mr Oprea’s HGV in Central London on 4 October 2015.

Mr Oprea appeared at Highbury Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday 20th April 2016 to enter his Not Guilty  pleas to the charges.

Ms Dinsdale’s partner Keith Bontrager, the man behind one of the most famous brands in cycling, was riding with Julie.

The Bontrager brand is worn by some of the World’s best racing cyclists and Bontrager components are used by cyclists globally.

Sally Moore Head of Personal Injury at Leigh Day and the lawyer for Ms Dinsdale said, “We are currently taking legal action against Tesco to recover compensation for our client”

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    I hope the driver gets done and she receives appropriate compensation, but I’m not sure that statement needed to bring her partner into it. Sounded like a plug for the Bontrager brand to me.

    Not a plug, just that without the famous chaps name the story would be just a story about a cyclist getting knocked over and having their leg cut off.
    Bontragers name gives the ‘Known name’ headline which will catch the eye of a person just glancing through the site.

    All the same. It is a tragic and life changing incident.
    Hope she does get justice.

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