New Magura MT Trail Carbon Disc Brake

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The press release from Magura is a medley of mathematical marvels, including the assertion that 2+4=3, but read on and we’re assured that its designers really do know what they’re doing. Here are the stats:

Magura MT Trail

Pistons: 2 at the rear, 4 at the front

Suitable for: Trail bikes from 120-160mm (27.5, B+ or 29 inch, depending on tyre size). Which is 3 different sizes, hence 2+4=3. Well, obviously.

Magura MT Trail

Weight: 332g. Which for all you maths lovers is 15% lighter than the MT7, and 5% heavier than the MT8.

Materials: Carbolay carbon levers and Carbotecture SL brake lever housing. Deep-black shiny carbon finish on the handlebars and high-gloss chrome on the calipers.

Magura MT Trail

Target Market: With the MT7 aimed at the XC rider, and the MT8 at the gravity market, the MT Trail is for pretty much everyone else in between. Touted has having the benefits of both, as a result of the different piston numbers front and rear, Magura are hoping that the MT Trail will be of interest to All-Mountain, Trail and that ever so fashionable Enduro market.

How Much: UK prices are to be confirmed, but prices will start at €579.

Magura MT Trail

If you still want more stats, head over to Magura.Com for more information. We’re off for a chamomile tea and a biscuit. Actually 4 biscuits, followed by another 2. Which means we’ve only eaten 3, right?


Magura MT Trail

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    €579 an end, or for both?

    ‘tobago – your QR code is invalid 😛

    Seriously, it’s an interesting concept. I wonder how “even” the two brakes feel?

    Yes, sorry. Need to sort that.

    Is it any different to putting a Hope M4 on the front and an X2 on the back, which a few people I know have done?

    Ha, ahead of the game here. I used a Zee on the front and an XT on the rear of my bike for years. It worked fine and I didn’t die. People will buy anything if the marketing department can convince them it is the new best thing.

    So like loads of people did with Mono M4s and Mono Minis back in the day then

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