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[in a Tim Westwood, middle aged upper-middle class Brit trying to sound gangsta stylee]

Yo, yo yo! Bringin’ it to ya liiiive from the OL14 massive!


Check it, check check it, we’s got some badass flan flannel, sken it close, and sken it hard, ya get me blud?
Shout out to my bros in the 01706! Big up the T-mord and the C – dale massive!

Just hit the east side of the A58 in my ride, on a mission tryin’ to find some fish on a plate…
Here’s some dope gear for y’all. Sweeet:

e*Thirteen TRS Race Carbon wheelset

Price: Front £599; Rear £699
From: Silverfish


Lovely carbon hoops from e*Thirteen, intended for the burlier side of life. All the usual flavours available, Boost, regular, Shimano, XD drive…


Aluminium and carbon bonded hubs look very pretty indeed…

[fbvideo link=”” width=”650″ height=”400″ onlyvideo=”1″]

Can’t see the video? Click here


And here are the rims. 27mm internal width, they come ready taped for tubeless.


And the rear axle and your choice of freehub body comes in a separate box. Smaller packaging, safer, and overall a pile more awesome, we’re assured.

e*thirteen 11sp Cassette

Price: £229.99

From: Silverfish


To go with your new wheels, how about this e*Thirteen cassette? This one has a whopping 9-44 tooth range, and it works on a standard XD driver. 10 or 11 speed (the 10 speed one goes up to 42t).


The big alu ring is bolted on, and then the smaller steel one locks on with judicious use of a chain whip. The steel half comes in 2 parts too. You can get replacements for the big alu spider and the smallest steel one without forking out for a whole new cassette.


And here it is installed. A thing of beauty, no? In a sort of very wide range cassette sort of way. Ooh look – here’s a video!

[fbvideo link=”” width=”650″ height=”400″ onlyvideo=”1″]

Fox Metah Helmet

Price: £110

From: FoxHead


The helmet we spoke of in a story here, complete with Varizorb, which essentially helps with making you less deaderer in the event of crashage. Deep coverage, ‘superior venting’ – there are 10 whoppers – and quite extravagant peakage there, sir.

Yeti 3/4 T-shirt

Price: TBC

From: Silverfish


It’s a T in a classic seventies sort of 3/4 style. Hannah is rather fond…

Yeti Classic T-shirt

Price: £29.99

From: Silverfish


Old school retro-tastic Yeti awesomeness.

Sombrio Wingman Jacket

Price: £65

From: CSG


Lightweight, minimal, windproof, packable. And capable of almost obscuring Rich’s face. Rich wishes it to be known that he’s usually a Medium, and this jacket is a Large.

Sombrio Dawn Patrol Hoodie

Price: £60

From: CSG


Hench. Or hedge. You decide.

Rich put this on, and immediately said “ooooooooh, this is soft!” in pretty much the voice you just read that in. No amount of posing like a hardman gets ride of a mental impression like that.

Sombrio Men Slice N Dice Jersey

Price: £45

Sombrio Highline Shorts

Price: £80

From: CSG


Oh dear me. It’s the Fonz.

Slightly warmer weather riding gear that can be used this week – although we live in hope. Come on people, it’s SPRING!

Sombrio Prodigy Gloves

From: £26

From: CSG


Two different colourways. Summer full finger gloves with a mesh and flannel back…


and a nice unpadded, smooth palm, for those of us (like me) who like an unfettered grasp…

Sombrio Smash Socks

Price: £20

From: CSG


They’re socks. You probably know the drill. Two pairs per pack; one in camo, and the other in black. No matter how hard he tries, Barney can’t get them to talk to each other.

Sombrio Flatbrim ‘Badge’ Cap

Price: £20

From: CSG


Hannah took a liking to this hat. She refused to take it off. It’s her perogative, of course. It’s one of those trendy-these-days flat brimmed numbers. But you can probably tell that by looking at the photos…

Sombrio Lily Gloves

Price: £26

From: CSG


Ladygloves from CSG, complete with moustache and lip accoutrements. Why don’t the blokes ones come with these, eh? EH?


Also in black for ninja stealth moustache and lipstick additions.

Sombrio Silhouette Riding Shirt

Price: £50

From: CSG

Ugly Kid Joe, anyone?

A breatheable, smart-casual biking shirt, and something else that Hannah put on for the photo, and then refused to take it off again. Very natty, Hannah.

Sombrio Marimba Jacket

Price: £65

From: CSG


A sort of ladies version of the Wingman, with a floral pattern.

Sombrio Wmn Slice N Dice Jersey

Price: £45

Sombrio Summit Shorts

Price: £80

From: CSG


Some very very extremely pink (or possibly purple – Hannah insists it’s Fyoosha or something. I’m a chap, so this coes not compute) riding gear. Summery and cool. Plus, that cap again.

Topeak Joe Blow Booster

Price: £119

From: Extra


Another fine-looking aluminium dual-cylinder pump, which will let you charge cylinder 2 with cylinder 1 at up to 160psi so you can then majestically inflate tubeless tyres at the press of a button! Warning: do not try this with your hamster.

Cube All Mountain Shoes

Price: £79.99

From: Cube


Uncharacteristically restrained all-mountain shoes from Cube for a forthcoming grouptest. Decent soles, reasonable weight, and they’ll apparently work with SPD pedals *or* flats. Fibreglass reinforced midsole for stiffness, and apparently the sole is grippy as ‘owt  for portage. Nice.

Cube Backpack Freeride 20+

Price: £129.99

From: Cube


My First Backpack from Cube. Subtle and understated, it’s got 20 litres + of capacity, there’s room for a bladder, natch, and it’s got a stout armourgel (D3O sort of thing) back protector which is removeable if you don’t care about your spine overmuch. Loads of other cool features, too – an integrated rain cover, helmet carrier, tool pocket and a separate compartment for wet items. At last! No more wondering where to put my otter!

Sombrio The Sombrio Tee

Price: £25

From: CSG


A t-shirt.

Sombrio Badge Tee

Price: £25

From: CSG


Another t-shirt.

Leatt Airflex Elbow Guard

Price: £54.99

From: Hotlines


More armourgel, this time in elbow pads. Breatheable lycra-type pads with D3O protection.

Gore Element Urban Print Windstopper Soft Shell

Price: £199

From: Gore


Camo, neon, hood, napoleon pocket you don’t need to unzip the jacket to get to, stowable drop-tail. Barney’s been disappointed to find that his body doesn’t disappear when he’s wearing it…

Wee Cog Saddle Bag

Price: £30

From: Wee Cog


Waxed cotton saddle bag, made in Scotland. Enough room for a tube, a multitool and some levers, perhaps?

Lindarets Boostinator, Remount, and – er – Dust

Price: TBC

Lindarets available in the UK from: 18 bikes


First up, we’ve got the boostinator (far right) – which is a cunning way of making regular width hubs work with Boost frames. Attach the brake spacer to one side, the axle spacer on the other and you’re good to go! You’ll need to re-dich your wheel slightly, but it’s very likely within the adjustment of your current spokes – no rebuild required, as it’s only around 3mm. So, got some lovely wheels and want to get a new frame in Boost? Huzzah!

At the moment there are kits which fit DT Swiss, some Specializeds, Hope Pro2 EVO, Giant… all sorts.

The ReMount is a doohickey which fits on your bars to change cable-activated dropper-post lever position. And the dust is because Marc from Lindarets is a cruel, cruel man who lives in America, and wished to make us aware of the fact that his trails are much, much drier than ours…

And that’s it for this week, you lovely, lovely people. Have a frankly joyous and beautiful weekend one and all, and we’ll see you bright and perky on Monday morning, yeah? Bright and perky? Raring to go? Thought not. Cheerio!

Oh, by the way – this is ace:

Can’t see the video? Click here

ST out.

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    Lol at Barney’s attempts to achieve linguistic parity with the juveniles.

    Cassette looked great until I checked the price at Silverfish, says £209 there not £129.99 ?

    Gosh, can I have a translation please?? Pleased to see Sombrio back as their clothing was both stylish and good quality but their distributor doesn’t give any info on UK stockists.

    If cube could do those shoes with a waterproof membrane in them I reckon they could on to a winner, not many proper winter* flat options out there.


    e*thirteen cassette is £229 for the 11 speed, and £209 for the 10 speed.

    Cinnamon_girl – we got hold of the Sombrio stuff super early, before the distributer’s delivery arrived! CSG are busily updating their website so you should see the info you need there soon.

    +1 from me for the Wee Cog bag, picked up one in their sale for my hybrid and it’s awesome.

    stwhannah – favouritism? I approve!! Thanks, that’s good to know and will that apply to Sugoi clothing seeing as they’re a distributor?

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