Mondraker Geometry Guru launches bike brand

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Cesar Rojo, the mastermind behind Forward Geometry and a bunch of other design concepts in use by Mondraker, has launched a new bike company – UNNO. And it’s going to be exclusive.

The currently popular model for carbon frame production (because yes, these will all be carbon – of course) is to design everything in house, and then send those designs to a ‘partner’ firm in the far east for fabrication – mostly because production costs are much, much lower. But not for UNNO.

Sneak Peak

From their Facebook page: “…we believe that to be able to produce the most exclusive mountain bikes in the world, we had to do everything in house. Part by part. With our own hands.” So everything will be designed, prototyped and hand-produced in Barcelona.

Sounds interesting. Rojo is a man with some pretty interesting ideas  – and arguably the Forward Geometry concept is the thing which has pushed other manufacturers into producing bikes with much longer front centres – in our opinion, A Good Thing.

There’s little info on the website as yet, but we’ll keep a keen eye on this one.

But we do wonder if Cesar checked what Googling UNNO brings up… (SFW)



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