Day 6 – 30 Days of Biking

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If you’ve not heard of it before, 30 Days of Biking is a personal challenge with a charitable edge. People pledge to ride their bike every day in April, and for every two that do, 1USD is donated to World Bicycle Relief. This year we have six riders attempting the challenge.

Day 6

A mixed bag of floral loveliness and urban not so loveliness today. We know which we’d rather have.


30 Days of Biking Bluebells
Bliss. This is why we ride.

No, I really didn’t feel like riding after a day spent juggling working from home and helping with maths revision. A glass of wine and a good book was far more appealing!  But five minutes into the ride and I was so glad I’d made the effort. Some of ’30 days’ rides have, by necessity, been short and sweet and tonight was no exception. But they have taught me that even a short sprint round the woods is worth while. I got to see the bluebells, hear the birds sing and return home feeling more relaxed.


30 Days of Biking Co-op
Has anyone got a £1 coin?

What was meant to be an hour testing my super-glued tubeless fix, ended up being quality time with Coop shopping trolleys sheltering from a storm of biblical proportions. I was soaked to the skin but the tyre held. Hurrah for methyl cyanoacrylate!


30 Days of Biking Greg
Arty. Lovely. But we wanted the goose.

Seriously, WTF is going on? It’s Spring. SPRING, not Winter. On the plus side I ran over a goose. Not clipped one, totally ran over one.* 29ers make the fowl come alive. Well, angry anyway. 91km, 4.5hrs, 916m climbing.


30 Days of Biking
No problem for tubeless?

Some commutes leave you glad to get home in one piece. Today was one of them. Cold, heavy rain. Half light, no lights. Close pass after close pass. Spray and standing water. And as a final treat, a close shave with some overflow from a skip.


30 Days of Biking Boris Bike
London. Lara’s really selling it with this photo.

I’m alive! Even with the constantly looming cloud of probable death, cycling in London is still more pleasurable and quicker than the tube!


30 Days of Biking Daffodils
What is it that all those daffodils are looking at?

Took a diversion on the way home to pull in some daffodil viewing; one of the best things about Spring.

How about you?

Have you sprung into spring and got the regular ride habit going? Or are you still waiting to emerge from hibernation? OK, there’s not a lot to love about cold, wet rain – but nip out between the April showers and there’s a lot to love. Subscribe now, and you’ll be in time to read Sanny’s musings on year round riding in the UK – coming soon in Issue 105.

*We would like to assure readers that, despite getting a bit wedged, the goose was fine. Greg saw it again on his way home.

Hannah Dobson

Hannah came to Singletrack having decided there must be more to life than meetings. Having worked in policy and project management roles at the Scottish Parliament and in local government, Hannah had organisational skills that SIngletrack needed. She also likes bikes, and likes to write.

Hannah likes all bikes, but especially unusual ones. If it’s a bit odd, or a bit niche, or made of metal, she’s probably going to get excited. If it gets her down some steep stuff, all the better. She’ll give most things a go once, she tries not to say no to anything on a bike, unless she really thinks it’s going to hurt. She’s pretty good with steri-strips.

More than bikes, Hannah likes what bikes do. She thinks that they link people and places; that cycling creates a connection between us and our environment; bikes create communities; deliver freedom; bring joy; and improve fitness. They're environmentally friendly and create friendly environments.

Hannah tries to write about all these things in the hope that others might discover the joy of bikes too.

Comments (5)

    Giles – What is that bike? Is that a Kinesis ATR with a MTB front suspension fork.
    It is a MTB with woodchipper bars rather than a flat bar?
    Is it TI? Looks unusual but very nice.

    I’ll field that for Giles.

    It’s this: CBCX from Pact Bikes. Bars are Salsa Cowchippers.

    No issue, I don’t think he posts here much!

    It’s an odd, but really nice bike. If you oogle his instaface feed you’ll see more images.

    As Greg said – a custom Ti frame from Pact to my spec. It’s CX race geometry (when sagged) with a modified RockShox with reduced travel. 700c and 650b compatible, currently running 40mm Nanos tubeless. Cowchippers up front, 1×10 set-up. It won’t (obviously) do any knarly stuff but it’s a fu’gly hoot to ride!

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