Day 1 – 30 Days of Biking

by Hannah Dobson 1

If you’ve not heard of it before, 30 Days of Biking is a personal challenge with a charitable edge. People pledge to ride their bike every day in April, and for every two that do, 1USD is donated to World Bicycle Relief. This year we have five riders attempting the challenge.

Day 1: The cycling industry – it’s all glamour, rad skillz and days out in the mountains. Honest. We’re just being deliberately mundane to make you feel better…


30 Days of Biking
Are those laces coordinated with that bar tape?

Quick road ride up and down the lane before work – note favourite Giro cycle shoes, and arty shadows from five barred gate.


30 Days of Biking
Is Giles deliberately hiding the front end of that bike?

No better way to end a filthy, soggy wet ride than with a pint down at the local bottle shop!


30 Days of Biking
Calderdale: Pretty Gritty

Wet, so very wet, oh and cold. 2 degrees Celsius for my 6:30am ride to work – 9 degrees on the way home, but wetter than an otter’s swimming trunks. Bike was doing its best to complain, but it gets on with it. Not long until it needs a new drivetrain. Day 1: 91km, 790m climbing, 4hrs 10mins riding


30 Days of Biking
Not enough rides end like this.

Short, wet cheeky trails ride to buy draught prosecco (whoop!) and some local craft beers to take home. Possibly the most Hipster thing I’ve ever done in my life.


30 Days of Biking
An actual mtb up an actual hill. Lara wins Day 1.

Start as you mean to go……..oh who am I kidding? This is probably (literally) the high point of my 30 days on day 1!


30 Days of Biking
No handed rollers! Skillz!

I appear to have started off my 30 days of biking in the most tedious and least Singletrack way possible.  I could have taken a picture of my work commute but that was even greyer and duller than the rollers.

Day 2

Check back to see whether life gets any more exciting on Day2. Omens so far are not good: it is raining in the Calder Valley. Although as Hannah has woken up to find the water is off, this may prove useful for the post-ride shower.

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  1. Draught Prosecco?
    Maybe that’s the kind of thing my wife needs to encourage her to start cycling!

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