15 Astounding Facts About Us (and you won’t believe any of them)

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Singletrack is 15 years old this week and this is our second feature based around the number 15.

As we await the delivery of the novelty cake, from which Hans Rey will burst doing ze wheelie and singing Happy Birthday in a leopard skin thong, here’s some unlikely facts that are, in fact, all true.

the singletrack armchair carvel lonsdale feature

Donated by Carvel Lonsdale

1 – The oldest asset owned by Singletrack is the armchair from the first Armchair feature in issue 1. It’s still in the office today.


2 – We have misspelled ‘Clwydian mountains’ and ‘bachelor’ on the cover.



If your name isn’t on the list, you can’t come into the bingo

3 – Mark worked 2 seasons at a holiday park as a bouncer. Hannah worked as a bouncer in the dark and vicious Glasgow Barrowlands and Scottish Young Farmer’s social circuit.



4 – The first time Tom Chippendale took time off work was the same week ex KGB spy Alexander Litvinjenko was poisoned. Tom has never accounted for his whereabouts that week. He’s since been known around the office as Polonium Tom.



That’s guacamole on the left , wasabi on the right… no wait..

5 – Mark once mistook wasabi for guacamole at a Trek product launch and had to go for a lie down


6 – Singletrack publication frequency changed from 7 to 8 times a year to ease the accounting since 7 issues into 12 months makes accountants brains hurt.


7 – We had our van stolen along with 1800 copies of issue 1 and our clothes from the NEC when we launched in 2001. The van was found with the mags inside. Mark and Chipps’ clothes were gone. Dave drove 200 miles to bring us spare mags and pants.


It tasted as foul as this example looks

8 – We once sold a half page ad for a round of Norwegian cheese.


The place where SRAM finally got a controlling stake in Rockshox

9 – Paul Turner sold RockShox to SRAM in the toilet of a Rochdale curry house while he was visiting Singletrack.

singletrack magazine office 1

10 – Chipps lived in a flat above the Singletrack office for five years. He still never made it to work on time.


11 – Mark was national Ju-Jitsu Champion 1988 and turned down the chance to fight internationally in Japan to go to university. He never defended his title so remains undefeated (technically).


12 – Chipps has appeared on the cover twice. Mark has never made it to the cover although he has shot the cover four times.


Hannah (left) has a degree in linguistics

13 – Few of us are qualified to do our jobs, but are well qualified to do completely different ones: Jamie has a Masters in Criminology. Mark has two degrees, in Education and Physics. Barney has a doctorate in Molecular Neuroscience. Tom Chippendale has a Masters in Statistics. Hannah studied Artificial Intelligence for 3 years before realising she was crap at it. Jorji has a degree in Geology. She shunned the oil & gas industry – but then ended up so poor she had to work as a scallop shucker on the trawlers in Shark Bay on the west coast of Australia.


14 – Mark has a tattoo of the Singletrack logo on his right arm that he got in Las Vegas.


15 – Chipps does not own a TV, but he does have sheep.

DSC_0769 (1)

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What incredibly random facts mark you out as less than ordinary? Tell us in the comments.

Comments (19)

  1. is the armchair an Ercol?

  2. Hang on!

    “dark and vicious Glasgow Barrowlands and Scottish Young Farmer’s social circuit”

    Glasgow Barrowlands dark and vicious – I don’t think so…
    Scottish Young Farmer’s social circuit dark and vicious – entirely possible…

  3. Surely that ‘cheese’ is meant to be window putty?

  4. 9 – Paul Turner sold RockShox to SRAM in the toilet of a Rochdale curry house while he was visiting Singletrack.

    Isn’t that the wrong curry houser? I thought it was the curry house across the road from there?

  5. “Surely that ‘cheese’ is meant to be window putty?”

    That’s pretty much what it tasted like.

  6. We’re pretty sure that’s where it was – if not the same name – Brant. But happy to be corrected if needed. I’ll need to see the toilets to be sure 🙂

  7. Is the cheese that caramel tasting stuff with a goats cheese after taste? Gjetost? My lovely Mum used to buy me some every Xmas/Birthday as she thought I loved it.

    I didn’t.

    Thanks though Mum. x

  8. 5 – Mark once mistook wasabi for guacamole at a Trek product launch and had to go for a lie down

    I did the same once with raw grated horseradish in Germany. Thought it was cheese. Similar outcome.

  9. I think you meant “dark and viscous”, the floor of the Barras is very sticky…

  10. You have the chair, but is Carvel still around??

  11. My random fact: I have come last in a race at every level from GoRide to British individual final.

    (cycle speedway not MTB, but that makes it more random)

  12. Wasabi? Guacamole? They both look like mushy peas to me.

  13. Carvel ducked out when I did, but doubtless Mark is still mates with him…

  14. Who ate my tin of beans?

  15. That cheese is disgusting.

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