Vitus Bikes’ new carbon Sommet for Enduro

by Kane Allen 2

Chain Reaction’s Vitus Bikes are set to launch all-new carbon Sommet Enduro bikes later this spring. And they look rather lovely, we think…

Vitus Sommet CR
The CR in all its carbon glory

Both the 160mm travel CRX and CR will feature a full carbon frame, internal cable routing and a BB92 bottom bracket.

The full specs can be oggled at below (sorry for the screengrab, but the hamster’s on a goslow right now):

Sommet CRX

Sommet CRX specs

The CRX is an eye-striking green (red is also available)
The CRX in a bright, bright, green. Or, if you’re reading this on a black and white television, grey.
Also available in bright, but not that bright, red
Also available in a bright (but not quite as bright, but still bright) bright red

Sommet CR


Sommet CR, Specs

The 2016 CRX and CR will be available exclusively from Chain Reaction Cycles from May 2016.

The Sommet CRX will retail at £3799.99 with the cheaper CR selling at £2564.99.

You can even enter a competition here to win one – well, it’s not really a competition. All you need to do is put your name and email address in, then tick a box or two, to agree to some rules which we couldn’t actually find, but hey, your luck might be in!

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  1. The specs look remarkably similar, copy and paste error?

  2. Furious said on March 23, 2016

    The specs look remarkably similar, copy and paste error?

    Err no. Take a minute to read them properly and you’ll be able to spot the differences (wheels, forks etc)

    Fwiw I’ve the 2015 model and it’s a great bike. Descends well and climbs surprisingly well. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend

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