Video: BMC and Teton Gravity Research visit Switzerland

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Teton Gravity Research has made a (hard to embed) lovely little video about riding in Switzerland (there are hills – who knew?). But even if we can’t offer them piping hot to you courtesy of our own Singletrackvision, the video is a mere click away, right here! It’s all about Zermatt right now; there will be two more videos available soon, we’re told.

Carston Oliver leads Brice Shirbach down epic Zermatt singletrack with the Gorner glacier, and the Italian border, in plain view. Grant Gunderson photo.

And there’s also a sweepstake you can enter with some frankly impressive prizes, which you can enter here,( if you happen to be a US resident).

The video (and the press release) takes the perspective of a couple of people from the US riding European mountain trails – marvelling about the infrastructure and the exposure and all that. It’s rather well shot.

The videos are created in conjunction with BMC Switzerland, SWISS Air and Swiss National Tourist Office, the webisodes will be made available on the dates below:

Episode 1 – March 16, 2016.
Episode 2 – March 30, 2016.
Episode 3 – April 13, 2016.

And once again you can visit to watch the videos.

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    The sweepstake is for US residents only… 🙁

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