Stubby Lee Park Pump Track Needs Support

by Kane Allen 0

Plans for a new pump track near Lee Quarry trail centre in Lancashire need the help of the mountain bike community in order to get the plans moving.

Lee Quarry
Lee Quarry has suffered a number of setbacks

A survey has been set-up to provide feedback regarding the plans, which would in turn strengthen the funding proposals put into place.

Lee Quarry itself has been under threat with cut-backs and was sadly hit hard by the Boxing Day floods so these plans have come at a very-much-needed time to help restore the areas riding possibilities.

Basically, local community groups and Rochdale Borough Council have been working over the past year to develop the Stubby Lee park and now feedback is needed from all-cyclists to formalise plans for a new pump track.

Stubbylee park

The pump track will be used to develop mountain bike and BMX skills and create a safe and inclusive play space to cater for all ages and skill levels. They will also provide skills workshops for local children, young people and families.

All info can be found here.

The survey is pretty straightforward and can be completed here.