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DT Swiss – Wheels

DT Swiss has been quietly beavering away on some new products in the last year or two. We’ve started to see new fat and plus bike rims and wheels appearing, but there’s been plenty more going on. At the more affordable end, there are wheels like the Spline 2 1700 wheelsets. These come in a 22.5mm or 25mm internal width and they sneak in at under £500 a pair.

Of great interest was the new XMC1200 wheels. They features a wide, rounded carbon rim, 24mm internal width and some very slick looking hubs. They’ll come in regular and Boost, 27.5in and 29in. A pair costs £1700 or so, which puts them in with the likes of SRAM’s Roam wheels


That’s the model number, not the weight, though the weight is low…
The rounded, semi-deep section should be stiff, but hopefully not too stiff either
Stealth gloss and matt graphics look sharp
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Castellated hub flanges allow for high spoke tension from the straight pull spokes

DT Swiss Forks

DT Swiss hasn’t made too much of a fuss about its forks in the UK for a while, but when your forks are ridden to victory in the World Champs, perhaps you don’t need to. But DT is keen to point out that it doesn’t just make carbon steerer 100mm race forks – and it makes some 130 and 150mm forks too. And given that the top of the range, full carbon crown/steerer model is a ‘mere’ £850, it bodes well for the more affordable end of the line. We look forward to giving these newly rejuvenated forks a whirl soon.

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£850 for a carbon-crown/steerer XC fork? Not bad
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DT is concentrating on the 100-130mm range, but longer forks are in the works
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Here’s a 150mm fork on a Saracen Ariel. Despite 32mm stanchions, DT’s rep reckoned they were good Enduro race forks.
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DT’s signature rear brace has now been left hollow for weight saving.


Gamut has made a good name for its thick/thin TTr rings. These are 96mm XT and XTR rings (they’re frustratingly not compatible between the two groupsets)

icebike, madison, gamut
Four bolt and thick thinny
icebike, madison, gamut
Gamut’s Cillos stem is the smoothest-edged short stem we’ve found so far

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