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So it’s Friday once again. And here we are. Both of us engaged in a time-delayed (and delaying, perhaps) tactic.

A discourse. I write, you read.

It’s possible to seed this preamble with all sorts of coded information, I suppose. But it wouldn’t be understandable by everyone, by any means. Reading these words causes minute changes within the delicate circuitry in your brain. Each connection will be infinitesimally re-inforced, or weakened.

Each reader is likely to manifest a subtly different neurological change (not that we’ll ever find out how different, of course) as we all interpret things slightly differently. But the overall implications will be broadly similar in any case.

Information in leads to behaviour out.

Every conversation you have alters the behaviour of both the speaker and the listener, in miniscule (presently) undetectable ways.

Undetectable in isolation, that is. Cumulatively, though, we can see quite a lot. Conversations engender thoughts. Thoughts engender ideas, Ideas alter behaviour.

So maybe somewhere, I really have messed around with your brain.

How many of these Fresh Goods Fridays intros have YOU read?

BMC Teamelite TE01 XT 2016 Mountain Bike

Price: £3,499

From: Evans

DSC_0299Do you know what BMC stands for? Rather amusingly, it’s Bicycle Manufacturing Company. We like that. Carbon, fast as all getout (assuming that there’s someone appropriately fast pressing the pedals, that is…)

DSC_0300In a similar vein to the Trek we mentioned last week, this little puppy is a soft-tail. Which, if you were born in the nineties, is essentially the art of sticking something soft in the seat stay (elastomer in this case) to take out the sting, without the irritating faff of any of those new-fangled pivot things. 15mm of compliance, it’s essentially like lower pressure in your tyre, with all the attendant traction bonuses without the pinch flats.
DSC_0302A full swathe of XT on board, from the front pedally things…DSC_0301…to the back turney wotsits.
DSC_0309Fizik saddle keeps the ol’ derriere aloftDSC_0307and there’s a full complement of XT shift levers (2) and brake levers (also 2) perched on those 720mm carbon bars.
DSC_0306Fox 32 front springers take care of any rough stuff at the front, too. DSC_0308And we particularly liked this placement of the ‘RTFM’ sticker…

Cannondale Fat CAAD 1

Price: £2,599.99

From: Cannondale

DSC09747What’s this? A fat bike? Why yes, my young padawan, but it’s a fatbike with a difference, oh goodness me yes! First up, it has a narrow Q factor (the distance between the pedals) compared to other fatties.

DSC09750a 1x transmission, of course.DSC09756There’s plenty of clearance, even with those whopping tyres.DSC09752The Olaf lefty fork with 100mm of travel also boasts a high offset of 60mm which aims to mprove handling above and beyond merely making the head angle steep (this one is 69 degrees).

Strider Sport 12 balance bike

Price: £80

From: Strider

DSC_0322Another kids’ bike has appeared in the office. The Strider Sport 12 comes with 2 saddle and seatpost combos of different lengths to accommodate growing legs.

Lazer Magneto M2 glasses

Price: £119.99

From: Madison

DSC_0323Barney looks – well, troubled, if we’re honest. Or perhaps he’s got wind. At any rate, the Lazer Magnetos look like ordinary riding specs (with interchangeable lenses, natch) apart from some extra stumpy arms you can replace the normal ones with…DSC_0324 (1)…here they are. They’ve got magnets in them, see? You attach little metal things to your helmet, or to the straps thereon, and hey presto you don’t need arms on your glasses! Or ears, come to think of it.

Lazer Waymarker 1 Camo glasses and Z1 Helmet

Price: £44.99 and £199.99

From: Madison

DSC_0326 (1)Hannah tries for co-ordinated and misses in the roadie helmet/camo specs combo. Especially as it was blowing a hoolie outside…

North Shore Billet replaceable spider

Price: £53.99

From: Shorelines

DSC_0331 (2)Replaceable spiders sound like something from Minority Report. This one lets you run 104BCD chainrings on your SRAM chainset. Sweet.

Brite Ride Bike Wash

Price: £5

From: Brite Ride

DSC_0329A foaming bike wash to keep your quiver of weapons clean. The makers of this popped in to see us to let us know this would now be stocked by shops in Yorkshire – it’s previously only been in Lancashire stores or on the internet. Hannah has connections on both sides of the border and has smuggled some into to the White Rose County before, and rather likes the stuff.

Ogio Adrenaline Stealth

Price: £109.99

From: Madison

DSC_0330 (2)It’s voluminous luggage which also looks like it might be able to double as a boat in heavy rain. So great for round here, then. It’s also relatively light as these things go – a smidge over 8lbs.

Morvelo Jerseys (in a variety of flavours)

Price: £45

From: Morvelo

DSC_0335 (2)

The wierdest team photo I think we’ve even seen, let alone taken. We especially like Hannah’s ‘please get me out of here’ expression. But the Morvelo tops are performance jerseys for ‘everyday racing and riding’ made with ‘robust and durable fabrics’

DSC_0337 (1)Jamie and Hannah circle each other over the last Rolo. Jamie looks deadly serious, which is worrying. But also, Rolos.


Morvelo Emblem MTB Undershorts

Price: £35

From: Morvelo

DSC_0349Morvelo’s comfy chamois,and enabling Jamie to play peekaboo with our photographer. They’re available in May of this year.

Madison Zenith jersey

Price: £49.99

From: Madison

DSC_0340 (2)

Insanely green jersey from Madison.It really is this green.

And grey.

Flux Light softshell Jacket

Price: £114.99

From: Madison

DSC_0341 (1)The colour is apparently ‘limeaid’, but this top is aggressively yellow, with coordinated pockets, and (in case it wasn’t obvious) a hood.

Mavic Cross Ride short set

Price: £64

From: Mavic


Comfy fabric, DWR, and they come with a liner. Nice. They also connect directly to Mavic’s Crossride belt apparently, to preclude the need for a backpack.

Madison Flux Lite Packable jacket

Price: £64.99

From: Madison

DSC_0342 (2)

Very light and packable jacket envelopes Sad Hannah’s top half… she evidently lost the fight for the last Rolo.

Madison Flux Enduro Short Sleeve Jersey

Price: £32.99

From: Madison

DSC_0347Short sleeved topin funky design  for when the weather improves. In about 15 years. *weeps*

Pearl Izumi Launch 3/4 Sleeve and Madison Addict DWR men Royal Short

Price: Top: £49.99 Shorts: £69.99

From: Madison

DSC_0344 (2)Jamie looks pensive and considers his ride.Or possibly his future. Royal Blue shorts with a DWR coating nestle comfortably underneath a fine purplish 3.4 sleeved top from Pearl Izumi.

Madison Alpine Socks

Price: £8.99

From: Madison

DSC_0343 (1)Socks for schralping, presumably.

DD Superlight Hammock, Tarp and Mozzy net and guy rope

Price: Hammock £52, Tarp £45, Mozzy net £30, rope £5

From: DD Hammocks

DSC_0356Here’s them packed down…

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 16.04.47…and here’s the hammock unpacked. yes, we nicked the photo from the website. Why? Because taking a photo of it in the office really didn’t work out all that well.


See? SEE?

Mule Bar Gels and, er, Bars

Price: Bars – £1.49 each, Gel – £1.79 – also availble in multipacks

From: Mule Bar


New chewy and drinky (do you drink gels?) From Mule. Yum.

Rad8 Mountain Bike glasses

Price: £88

From: Rad8

DSC_0350New improved glasses with moar antifog goodness… Jamie gets his sultry on…

Quadlock  Out Front Mount and GoPro adaptor

Price: Mount – £24.95, Adaptor £6.99

From: Madison

IMG_2758What they say on the tin. Stick your phone or whatever to your bars, or use the adaptor and shove a GoPro on there instead! Sahweet.

Madison Addict waterproof trousers

Price: £89.99

From: Madison


These, ladies and gennlemen, are Jamie’s legs.Waterproof keks for riding an’ that.

K-Edge Stem adjustable Garmin mounts

Price: £34.99

From: Madison

DSC_0327Metal things for to stick Garmins to your stem. And adjustable!

And that’s yer lot for this week! So after last weeks lovely/odd/beautiful, I’m going to leave you with a prime slice of complete and utter WTF. Enjoy!

ST Out.

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