Fox Racing launches shiny new 2016 DH-FLEXAIR collection

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Fox Racing clothing has launched a new collection of DH-tinged ‘racewear’, the FLEXAIR gear collection.

It uses Fox’s Trudri (c)  and Trumotion (c) fabrics, and is (according to the release, at any rate) is “lighter, more comfortable, more durable and offers more proven performance than any other product on the market.” Well, alrighty then. It’s certainly quite the party outfit, and no mistake.

Sun Fox MTB Photo 2 sterling
Hiding was tricky. Seeking, less so.

FLEXAIR apparently carries over from Supercross, where those motorized people with big brappy bikes (BRAAAAP, BRAAAAP), especially one Ryan Dungley, have been running the gear, ad schralping the gnar (or whatever the Supercross equivalent is) successfully in it. It’s then been DH MTB tested through the 2015 World Cup season (hello Steve Smith and the good Mr Ratboy) before hot-footing it’s way to us, the lovely punters.

Friday Fox MTB Photo 2 sterling

Mike REdding is Director of MTB Marketing at Fox.“Maintaining our position as the world’s number one brand in motocross means we’re constantly innovating, and the gear we’re designing for the champions of the track gives us the opportunity to share cutting edge technology with mountain athletes.”

PG_150428_fox_head_0118 as Smart Object-1
Even the more subtle stuff, er, isn’t

Fox also say they’re chuffed to bits to announce that “the new FLEXAIR gear entirely convinced the 40-people strong award team to be chosen as a winner of the Design & Innovation Award 2016.” Go them!

More details here.

And if that wasn’t enough, here’s a video!

Can’t see the video? WORRY NOT! Click here

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