Which is faster? Chain or no Chain?

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GMBN have just posted an interesting experiment to YouTube, provoked by Aaron Gwin’s winning run at Leogang last year: Will three riders tackle a descent faster with a chain, or without? Watch the video below to find out, and listen to their follow up discussion about the way running chainless affected bike suspension and their technique:

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The attempt at getting a rolling start around 2:15 is hilarious; we reckon they might be missing a trick by using standard tools instead of a burly pair of legs for chain removal. Given they’re all riding trail bikes, the video probably doesn’t answer much in terms of downhill bikes or courses, but doing something extreme beyond your default setup, such as riding chainless, rigid, or on 4″ tyres in the snow can really help you try new things or build a better understanding of different aspects of your riding.

Plus, running without a chain will save you £11 on SRAM’s new 1x groupset, and massively reduce wear… *cough* 😉

GMBN test chain vs. no chain

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  1. You could have an ENTIRE chainless SRAM NX groupset for £92. Bargin.

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