iceBike Show 2016: Report 2

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More from our wander round this week’s iceBike* show in sunny Milton Keynes (of course it was sunny, there was a bike show in a windowless show hall to attend!)

Bliss Protection

Starting with Bliss Protection, there are some new minimal knee pads and some more rugged versions.

icebike, bliss, protection, madison
Super minimalist knee pad that barely weighs more than a kneewarmer


icebike, bliss, protection, madison
Now we’re talking! These new pads feature Kevlar faces and motorbike level protection


Team knee pads are £54.99


Chunky inserts offer protection like you’d only get on old hard pads


Mule Bar

Mule Bar was bought last year (don’t worry, by one of its shareholders and the original duo are still involved) and there are plans to shake things up a bit. We tried a very palatable Peanut and Raspberry bar (all the bars have been slimmed down a bit to be a little less meal-like) and we also saw these new gels. Unlike most gels, these have re-sealable flip-top lids to save waste and ‘sticky pocket’. Even better, they’re refillable and there will soon be a 12 gel master bottle that you can re-fill these with, mess-free.

icebike, madison, mule bar
No more ‘sticky pocket’


Garmin has all sorts of clever stuff coming out. There’s this ‘bike radar’ (no pun intended, eh, BR?) that monitors traffic behind you and gives you a visual warning (on your bar mounted Garmin) about approaching traffic as well as flashing its rear light to warn the driver as they get closer.

No more helmet mirrors!

And then there’s this bit of sci-fi reality. This little Varia Vision gizmo will fit onto your existing glasses and it’ll give you a heads-up display. Because it’s simply mirroring the data from your bar-mounted Garmin, it’s a lot smaller and lighter than existing units and it’ll give you about four hours of use on a charge. It’ll fit above or below your line of sight and stroking it (yes really) will change the screen it shows. No word on goggle compatibility yet.

It might surprise you to learn that this isn’t actually Chipps. Thanks Jim!


Ogio makes some good bags of all sizes. We were particularly impressed with the waterproof rucksack on the left here and the very Mission Workshop looking soft-feel urban commuter rucksack on the right.

icebike, madison, ogio
Practicality or style? Can you have both?

And if you’ve ever been sat at the baggage carousel at Geneva Airport and seen countless and identical Fox, Dakine and Ogio bags spin round, wondering which is yours. these new colours should solve that one. Also, great as the Ogio 9800 Sled is, it weighs 6kg empty! So there’s a new bag (far right) that comes in at half that weight and leaves more capacity for Milka and Toblerone.

icebike, madison, ogio
No more grabbing the wrong bag of someone else’s old pads and pants


K-Edge makes all sorts of machined gizmos you didn’t realise you needed, but you do. It is now combining its forward-mount Garmin mount with the now-nearly-universal GoPro mount for riders that want to record AND record their rides.

icebike, madison, k-edge, garmin
Record and record (for the record?) Geddit?

This little unit is a boon for the enduro-crowd whose painfully short stems allow no room for a Garmin mount (hence top tube mounts and all sorts going on). This simple and low-pro stem cap mount lets you keep the Garmin visible, but safe.

icebike, madison, k-edge, garmin
In a crash, the plastic tabs should snap before the Garmin does

And here with a stunt Garmin 25

icebike, madison, k-edge, garmin
There’s also a forward mount version if you have a longer Garmin

The best bit about the new Thule ProRide 598? Your bike can’t accidentally (or by the hands of the nefarious) slip out of the downtube clamping jaws when you don’t want it to. As a bonus, it doesn’t need to grip tubes as tightly and so shouldn’t crush anything delicate. Look for a review here shortly.

icebike, madison, thule, pro ride 598
I’m just big-boned!

Pearl Izumi showed a neat new enduro race/fast trail shoe off. Featuring an out-the-way Boa dial and a decently grippy SPD sole, we reckon it’ll find a few fans in the trail riding world once things warm up a little. We have a pair in so stay tuned!

icebike, madison, pearl izumi
And they’ll definitely see you coming

Numark/Oko Magic Milk

Oko is a UK company that makes Magic Milk – a tyre sealant that it reckons has many advantages over a certain other sealant. And it’s made in the UK too. It won’t corrode your spoke nipples and it won’t make little monsters in your tyres as it coats the tyre rather than clinging to itself. Fighting talk that we hope to test out soon.

icebike, madison, oko, magic milk
It’s the white stuff on the left you want, squire


icebike, madison, truflo, track mate
Tough on track pump chucks? You need this Truflo Track Mate for the truly obsessed.


icebike, madison, aztec
Designed for the road market – these Aztec rotors won’t pulse like mountain bike ones can


icebike, madison, chris boardman, lotus bike
This needs no introduction. If you know what it is, you remember/love it. If you don’t, you won’t


And finally, for now… Lazer’s new Revolution helmet has turned some heads, so to speak, with its bolt-on ear guards and chin-guard. Well, it’s now offering all of those extra bits in myriad colours to suit your oh-so-enduro rig.

icebike, madison, lazer helmets
All the colours of the Muppet Show rainbow

It also seems to be a lot closer with production on its bolt-on chin guard and it offers a new, longer peak for when you bolt-on, so that you don’t look under-peaked.

icebike, madison, lazer helmets
Under-peaking – it’s a very big problem, you hear?


icebike, madison, lazer helmets
We love this Lazer helmet – stealth camo and screaming fluoro in one!


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