Diamonds from the Core 2016 – Part 3

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Some more sweetness from Core Bike 2016, in which we peruse the latest gear from Banshee, iDentiti and more!

Banshee Prime

Oh, we like this. Choice blue loveliness in a 29er format from the good people at Banshee. 135mm travel at the back, and space to run both 27.5 plus or 29 plus in 2.8 width if you so desire. Head angle is 67 or 68 degrees, adjustable with…

DSC_0908…these flip chips at the back. A simple and neat idea. In terms of size, the Prime is comfy – reach is 445mm for the large. More info from Ison distributon.

Identiti Mettle PrototypeDSC_0912

Also on the Ison stand was this Identiti prototype, an all-mountain frame which has been developed in conjunction with industry titan Michael Bonney.DSC_0915At present it’s a 160mm bike, adjustable to 140mm using these flip chips – although this being a prototype there’s no guarantee that  this facility will stay. But as it stands, it sports a 65 degree head angle, a 75 degree seat angle, 435mm chainstays, and a secret squirrel shock they weren’t showing. EXCITING. WE should be seeing production ones by the end of the summer, price £TBC. It’ll also be distributed by Ison.

Surly Dirt Wizard

DSC_0901Surly’s Dirt Wizard is now available in a 27.5×3.00 width, for those who are decrying the lack of options in the chubber market.DSC_0902 These look very gnarly indeed…

More details from Ison


DSC_0933We’ve seen these before, but they’re still lovely. The new Ghost models all sport the same front end end; the shocks and linkages are different, though, to facilitate the different travel modes in the range. But in our opinion they’re got the aesthetics bang on. This one is the 150mm FRAMR8 in carbon, 66.5 deg. head angle, 73.5 deg. seat angle, and a reach (size M) of 425mm. It’s yours for £3,200. More details from Hotlines.

Spank OozyDSC_0937

Rims and wheels from the Spanky types. Available in black, green red, blue in 29.5mm external width, and black, red and clue in 34.5mm external width.DSC_0939There’s also an Oozy 395 for plus wheels. They’re all taped and valved from the factory, to save some of those annoying late night deflating sessions… DSC_0942Hotlines are also bringing in these tasty WTB carbon rims in 27.5 or 29in wheelsizes. 24mm internal width 32 hole, and priced at £419.99 each. Pictured on a Nukeproof Mega ‘cos it’s pretty. More details on these and the Spanks from Hotlines.

Silca tools

DSC_0943Not even sure if these are for sale, but how about a chi-chi wooden tool box autographed by Alberto Contador? Saddleback were also showing other toolboxes autographed by more luminaries in the world of our shaven-legged brethren, Cippolini and Millar among them.

Rotor Rex MTB cranksDSC_0945

Proper MTB cranks from Rotor looked very bling indeed, with prices starting from £190, for a non-power metred Rex3.


They had oval chainrings (£75) too, which sllow you to customise the deadspot… more details from Saddleback.

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