CTC Undergoes Rebrand

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The National Cycling Charity, previously known as CTC, has re-imagineered itself as We Are Cycling UK.

CTC, We Are Cycling UK

Here is what Chief Exec’ Paul Tuohy said:

“Further to our extensive consultation last year with CTC members, member groups, partners and key stakeholders, I can confirm that our charity has a new name.

“Through the rebrand process we engaged with over 2000 members, supporters, partners and local and national government departments across the UK. Based on this comprehensive research, and listening to your views, we are confident that this change is one that reflects the pride that we all take in our charity, and that helps to magnify the great work that we do to inspire people into cycling, as we campaign to protect the gift of cycling, and help people to overcome personal barriers to cycling.

“Our charity will still legally be registered as the Cyclists’ Touring Club with its charity and companies registrations unchanged. The Cyclists’ Touring Club is not being disbanded. In fact, part of the need for this change is because we hope the new brand will enhance our touring offering. The new name (as I’m sure many of you will now have seen) is ‘Cycling UK’ and the brand ‘we are Cycling UK’ will be adopted as the ‘trading name’ of the charity.  We are very proud of our heritage and history, and we know that a new name and brand will really help to make our charity even more attractive to many more people.

“As planned, we will be officially launching our new name and brand in April, through Cycle magazine, our online communications channels and via the media. We will also be back in touch with you before then to provide you with new resources and guidance so that your group can maximise this opportunity to raise the profile of your group locally, to help to attract new members and to gain local media interest.

“We hope that you are as excited as we are about this positive step for our charity. Together, We Are Cycling UK!”


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    Sensible move though, they’re not just about Touring, haven’t been for a long time.

    It’s the same font (according to Bikebiz) as used by the National Lottery and Durex…

    A pointless idea no doubt thought up by the marketing bods, with a gawd-awful typeface and colouring. (i’m a ctc member btw)

    We Are Cycling UK

    What’s the acronym going to be?

    WACUK? or just plain old ****?

    Member to. Mixed feelings. They do a great job in all things cycling so it does make sense.

    I used to be a member, but what do they do for mountain biking, since they got rid of Ian Warby they seem to ignore our version of cycling, so CTC is a better description of what they stand for.

    They’re hardly synonymous with mountain biking, but CTC threw their full weight behind the recent Trails For Wales campaign, leading to the Welsh givernment getting its largest ever response to a consultation. If you want an example of a cycling organisation doing something that could have amazing benefits for mountain biking, that’s a stand-out.

    SInce you used to be a member you probably no longer get the magazine which covers a lot of mountain bike and access advocacy.

    Good organisation. ‘Cycling UK’ better describes what they do but that logo and tagline……

    I would far rather have CTC/ Cycling UK defending/ growing cycling as they have achieved far more than BC especially in regard to access.

    BC seem more interested in defending their funding stream

    member here and they do cover all aspects of cycling and I agree they have been effective in championing the cause. BC by contrast look after themselves and issue licences to race, as if you really needed more admin

    Rebranding probably a good idea, not sure that is either the brand or logo I’d have gone for.

    Another member here and have to say that the phrase ‘The cyclists’ champion’ makes me cringe.

    member here too. Not impressed

    Another member here. Looks like the majority of the membership hadn’t a clue this was going to happen – CTC forums and letters pages in the next magazine should be interesting……

    Member here too. Not sure why they’ve named themselves with what would have been a great strapline. Except to pander to the short attention span literal internet reading generation who can’t cope with history and tradition.

    Waiting g for the Ramblers to become We Are Walking UK

    it’s not a logo, just a nicely arranged group of words outlining their aspirations…the typeface is ‘Cocon’ so a better fit for Durex than the CTC i would suggest

    I’m another long term member…. Mainly for the insurance it gives you, but they were quite useful for an off road tour I did in Norway.

    I think becoming a charity was a mistake. Seems to me that that instantly restricted a lot of possible campaigning action they could have taken on a number of issues.

    And this is just plain puerile nonsense that is an insult to our intelligence and a drain on CTC’s resources.

    Member also, good that news of it comes via STW rather than the CTC email newsletter. Highlights the distance between the centre and the membership.

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