BMX Legend, Dave Mirra, Dies

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BMX legend – and we don’t use the word lightly – Dave Mirra has died in what appears to be a suicide.

Dave mirra, bmx
Dave Mirra, flying in the early days

The news report from Greenville, Carolina, indicates that Mirra shot himself in his truck, parked outside a friend’s house. The world of sport has been rocked by it, with plaudits coming from Tony Hawk, Cedric Gracia, Carey Hart and the whole world of BMX. He was 41.

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The news report can be found here:

We’d like to add that Mirra was an inspiration to us too, showing just how physics-defying a greqt BMXer can be. So let’s leave you with a couple of minutes of Mirra brilliance:

(Can’t see the video, click here)

RIP good sir.

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    I remember watching this before and being very impressed, I didn’t know the guy and haven’t ridden BMX. I am still very sorry to hear that a relatively young man has gone too soon, again!

    Shit. Oh my. That’s a real shocker. True legend of the sport and especially the X Games. Horrible news.
    Remember being stunned by this

    That double backflip was about the best BMX I’ve ever seen. Just ace. What a sad, dad loss. RIP Dave.

    Very sad news, but at least he gave us *that* at 1:40.

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