Bite-sized Bike Bling from the Bike Place 2016 – Part 2

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Here’s yet more that’s new and noteworthy from the Wonderful World of the Bike Place 2015…


Empire was sowing the new VX8 DH frame:

Empire VX8

It uses the same swingarm and seat tower as the MX6, and looks burly as all get-out. More from Empire.


Joystick saddles

Joystick is now a sponsor for the Soecialized Gravity Racing team, and they were showing off an enhanced range of saddles from £44.99 all the way up to £129.99. They’re arranged over two shapes (broadly) – the Analogue saddles are shorter and wider, and the Binary ones are longer and narrower.

Importers Hook It do custom mudguards, too…

Hook It Mudguards

More from Hook It


DSC_0728The new Troy is looking rather tasty. Carbon all over the place, and a natty black and yellow colourscheme on this one.DSC_0730Short chainstays too – 424mm. DSC_0733

We also liked the look of the Hendrix aluminium full-suss chubber. Purple haze, indeed.

More details from Haven.

Sweet Protection

Cool colours available on Sweet Protection lids. There’s a cool orange and white number: DSC_0737…and we particularly like this one:DSC_0739

Lids are £140, and MIPS ones are £170. There’s a carbon MIPS one, too, in black and white, for £200.

And ably held up by Gregor are the Mud Ride shorts, with cordura in all the right places (the gusset) and fully taped waterproofness
DSC_0741They’ll set you back £130. More details from Sweet Protection



ION’s Sean Reynolds was also on hand, and was showing ION’s Transom backpack. The 16l one comes in at £135 and the 24l one is £150, both with air conditioning. 8 and 16 litre versions are also available without the cool venting feature…

And finally, I present to you the roll-on anti-chafing Butt Shield!


No More Pain, indeed. You can apparently use the roll on on your chamois, by the way – you’re not trying to.. um.. I’ll leave it there. Details from 2toms

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    “No More Pain, indeed. You can apparently use the roll on on your chamois, by the way – you’re not trying to.. um.. I’ll leave it there. ”

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