90’s I-Drive Advert: Just Like Burning Man

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Those of us who post-date 90’s mountain biking often think it was all lycra and bunny hops, but if this recently unearthed GT I-Drive advert is to be believed, the pre-Atherton days were actually a lot like Burning Man but without the drugs and music. Video below, along with some choice stills.

Perhaps, just perhaps this video answers why bikes, despite being the perfect gasoline independent form of transportation, are almost never shown during the apocalypse.

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GT I-Drive advert
What tyres for the apocalypse? Or goggles?
GT I-Drive advert
Nomadic warrior of the wastes reacts to controversial study on compulsory helmet laws. Or she’s just singing Tina Turner songs.
GT I-Drive advert
Quality accessorising on this helmet. Is sun cream as fought over as petrol, we wonder?
GT I-Drive advert
Do not adjust your set.
GT I-Drive advert
Exactly the kind of big finish you’d expect from the Utah desert.

If this hasn’t slaked your apocalipophilic thirst, Sarah advises you watch the (warning, gory) trailer for Turbo Kid. Also check out Paul Ford imagining Citibikes in Cormac McCarthy’s The Road:

“The man put the boy on the handlebars of the bicycle.

It had once been blue. Streaks of cerulean remained in the spectral lines of dulled gray aluminum. It was heavy and his leg ached as he pedaled.

Who used to ride this bicycle, Papa?

No one person rode this bicycle. The bike was shared by everyone who could pay.

Did the people who shared the bikes carry the fire?

They thought they carried the fire.”

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