Video: An Interview with Cedric Gracia

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You may have heard that last week Barney was in Patagonia, doing Secret Squirrel things with SantaCruz bicycles and the Aysen Rally. Yes, there will be more news on precisely what that Secret Squirrel thing was next week folks, just hold on to your horses…

Cedric looks for ‘lines’

But while Barney was there, he did manage to get an interview (in the rapidly fading light) with the hilarious Cedric Gracia, and learned all sorts of fascinating things – including Cedric’s upcoming plans, his philosophy following his horrendous 2012 artery injury, his attitude towards enduro, early morning duck wakeups, and his daily toilet habits…

Can’t see the video? Click here

And as promised, here are some photos of the glorious Patagonia:

If he wasn’t a pro mtber…
Could be worse, for January


In tents geography. Arf.

Look out for more details from Patagonia soon!

You can see a few of the ‘Through My Eyes’ videos Cedric talks about here


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