Hope is PMBA Enduro’s new Title Sponsor

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In more Hope-related news today, it has emerged that Hope Technology is the new Title Sponsor for the PMBA Enduro Series, which will be known as the Hope/PMBA Enduro Series.


This is terrific news for the PMBA Enduro, of which Singletrack is long time supporter and Media Sponsor. The flagship venues for the Enduro Series include Gisburn Forest and Lee Quarry. The latter was unfortunately badly affected by the recent flooding in the area. We  approached Kev, the Power That Is at PMBA to gauge his thoughts:

“The event at Lee Quarry only really needs the car park, as we can move the stages around… However, the damage is only the end of the XC loop and should be repaired by then [the Lee Quarry event]…”

Highlights in the series also include the much anticipated Gnar bike park near Penrith.

Here’s the press release in full:

stage 2-6 (1)The 7 round series is spread across North West England and South West Scotland. PMBA’s flagship venues of Lee Quarry and Gisburn forest are joinedl by Grizedale and Kirroughtree forests as well as new venues including the much anticipated Gnar bike park near Penrith.

The first 3 rounds went on sale just before Christmas and the first 2 rounds sold out very quickly – only round 3 entries are still available. Entries are via the SI entries website and again in 2016 the series will use the transponder based Air+ contactless timing from SPORTident. Rounds 4-7 will go on sale Monday 22nd February; 150 entries will be released at midday and the rest at 8pm.

There’s more good news if you’re female, and looking to dip a toe into the Enduro waters. For  2016 the single Womens category has been split into 2, Fun Women and Race Women, to further encourage folk who might have been put off by racing against elite riders such as Tracy Moseley.

Here are the dates:

R1 20th March Gisburn Forest Bike Trails
R2 17th April Grizedale
R3 7/8th May Lee Quarry (2 day event)
R4 5th June Lakes
R5 3rd July 7 Stanes Kirroughtree
R6 4th September GNAR Bike Park Cumbria UK
R7 2nd October Grizedale

Day/Night Enduro

Before the series kicks off in March, PMBA also has a day/night Enduro at Grizedale on Saturday 9th January, The day event is a 3 stage practice in the morning and 3 stage race in the afternoon on a 6.5 mile lap with short transitions. Then there is supper (included) followed by a non-compulsory night race on the same 3 stages.

Practice lap will run from 0900-1200, Race lap 1 from 12pm-3pm and race lap 2 from 5pm-7pm, and the cost is £45. You can enter here.

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    I wonder if the recent announcements about the removal of funding / closure of Lee Quarry, and the damage it sustained in the recent storms will affect the event on 7/8th May?

    Not according to the article.

    The countryside service isn’t closing for 2 years, PMBA will be in discussions with Lancs CC on what will happen to Lee Quarry after that but its not something to worry about for this years event.

    Ok that’s good then, hopefully people won’t be put off entering

    (I think that quote in the article about Lee Quarry was added after my initial comment as I didn’t see it there when I first read the story)

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