1 Week Until EWS Entries Go Live

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One of the big draws of the EWS is that in theory everyone has the chance to either ride in the same event as the world’s top pro riders or at least ride an event on the same stages – that’s why the entries sell out faster than an ABBA reunion gig. However, to give everyone an equal chance, including those with yoghurt pot and string internet connections, there’s a new random selection process of all entries that means everyone has a 24 hour window in which to enter.


Here’s the press release from the organisers.
The countdown for the 2016 Enduro World Series has begun in earnest – and entries for all races go live in just one week’s time.

Riders who want to race in any of this season’s eight races should make sure they have next Monday (January 25th) marked in their diary as public entries go live.

The new lottery style entry system allows applicants 24 hours between 00:01 GMT and 23:59 GMT on Monday, January 25th to register for an individual or group ticket. After entries close tickets will be picked at random to fill the races and successful applicants will be emailed a private link they can then use to enter. Friends can also apply for a lottery ticket using the group option, meaning that a rider will only be allocated a place if the friends in their chosen group (up to three people) do too.

Riders who have displayed exceptional talent or outstanding results can also apply for a wild card entry during the process on Monday the 25th – but with only 30 available for the entire season, they won’t be easy to secure. Wild Cards are designed to reward only a select few talented riders who may have missed out on a qualification spot through conventional means (i.e injury) or come from an under-represented nation.

Chris Ball, Managing Director of the Enduro World Series, said: “This new entry system is fairer than before – by allowing riders 24 hours to sign up it negates any issues with time differences or slow internet speeds denying riders a spot. Last year’s events all sold out in under a minute and a lot of people missed out. There will always be more people who want to race than there are spaces so by moving to a lottery system this should make the playing field as even as possible.

“I believe this year’s calendar is the most exciting to date and I can’t wait to get out to Chile for the first round in March. To me 2015 felt like a breakthrough year as younger riders like Richie Rude and Isabeau Courdurier showed just what they’re capable of and I think this season is going to be even better as more talent emerges.”

Full details about the new entry system and wild card criteria can be found at www.enduroworldseries.com/registration

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